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These 10 kinds of abnormal sound is "overhaul" rhythm! Early detection and early treatment! Sohu – car we drive, sometimes inexplicable appear abnormal sound crack inside the car, it is annoying. I believe that many drivers of automotive body noise are chosen automatically shielded, indeed, to repair the trouble, but also cannot be ignored, but some owners of their own knock problem can be solved, because the car is in the tens of thousands of parts dynamic composition, so there are many reasons for abnormal sound. Too professional we will not say, today and you talk about how to resolve the automotive body noise and solutions. If you encounter a similar situation, you can look at the control. Most of the noise from the following aspects: 1, the body noise problem is usually not enough because the body stiffness, resulting in vehicles in the deformed, the car door and the car frame friction or jitter, or in some places due to the friction between the connecting plate. Put glue on the doors and windows or on the friction parts of rubber pad and other methods may reduce or eliminate noise, but palliatives. Some of the larger car noise, which is related to the shape, if you do not increase the excess items, the owners themselves do not think of a way to solve the. There are some parts of the car body is not fixed between the bad may cause abnormal sound, the general screw can be solved. 2, engine room abnormal sound engine vibration is a normal phenomenon, but some special sounds and may mean a potential failure. Such as the relatively harsh whistling belt, it is usually because the belt slippage caused by the sharp sound; when the engine is running metal pieces of dry friction, this is the general generator, water pump, booster pump to cause bearing damage; if the engine is running leak sound, it may be blocking the exhaust system, vacuum leak or rupture the results of. If there are some abnormal noise generated in the engine, are generally some big fault, we still send the plant as soon as possible repair. 3, the sound of the tire noise must be a rhythm, and the speed is high frequency. If it is a "flap" sound, most of the deformation of the tire tread, bag, wear or insufficient air pressure; if it is "Da Da" sound, the tread may be mixed with small stones. If the tires whirring call to ring, and the body was even the direction of deviation jitter, needless to say must be flat, when you get off. 4, the gearbox has abnormal sound in the case of idle speed noise, the noise of the clutch after the removal, indicating that the noise source is caused by transmission failure. Gearbox abnormal sound is generally caused by the bearing or gear wear. When the car is driving, it can hear the noise from the chassis. A gear "KaKa" sound, then the bearing fault will be issued a "rustling" sound, which will become the "Gala Gala" or "hissing" sound rang. The maintenance cost of gearbox is higher, therefore, must be inspected regularly and frequently in the oil. 5, a few days the brake noise persists a brake on the hissing sound, but more and more, the sound more and more dense, it quickly no brakes. Brake pads generally have a hard metal break at the bottom相关的主题文章:

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