The young woman matchmaking find love didn’t find a prince charming has cheated 100 thousand

The young woman matchmaking find love didn’t find a prince charming has cheated 100 thousand monitor screenshot matchmaking by more and more people are familiar with, there are a lot of people to find their own happiness through matchmaking, so more and more people love shopping matchmaking, Ms. Ding registered an account in a matchmaking online, to find their true love in the online dating, who know into a "trap", cheated 100 thousand yuan. Ms. Ding lives Jiulongpo District, 42 years old this year. Daily reading lady fell in love with the Internet, now dating network so popular around others through matchmaking to find their other half, then, are single Ding also want to try online matchmaking. One day in July, she met a man named Xu Zhi "the netizen in a dating online, Xu Zhi told Ding he is the assistant director of the Hongkong racing association. Two each plus the WeChat chat very congenial in WeChat, soon to determine the relationship between male and female friends. In mid August, Xu Zhi told Ms. Ding, said he knew the horse inside, but also know the results of the race, you can help Miss Ding bet. Fall in love Miss Ding did not want to agree, will be 19700 yuan transferred to the bank account provided by Xu Zhi. Soon, Xu Zhi contact Ding told Ding has been winning the good news, and gave Ms. ding a "lottery center" of the telephone. Ding contact "lottery center", the other told her that her horse about 300000 dollars in prize money, but Ding tax. Thinking about his boyfriend Xu Zhi to help themselves to facilitate some formalities, Ding Mou and gave her boyfriend turned 18765 yuan. After two days, Ding received a "lottery center" of the phone, the other said Ding also need to pay 70 thousand yuan entry tax. Want to pay so much money, Ms. Ding and her boyfriend to discuss the two out of half, boyfriend also promised. Ding gave her boyfriend a transfer of 30 thousand yuan. However, the "lottery center" has told Ding not transfer success, and to guarantee the name ding transfer request expired. Ms. Ding in early September, to "pay center" to provide bank account and transfer of 37430 yuan. Boyfriend told Ms. Ding, two days will be transferred to her bonus. Can wait until September 25th, Ms. Ding still did not receive her boyfriend called bonus". Ms. Ding contact her boyfriend found her boyfriend has been included in the blacklist. Ms. Ding found cheated. Then to the Kowloon police station for help. According to statistics, the amount of 100 thousand yuan cheated ms.. At present, the case is under further investigation. In this, the police reminded the general public: do not rely on strangers, do not believe that winning information, there is no pie in the sky, wealth through hard work to create. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Jing Ran相关的主题文章:

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