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Top secret, world’s largest man-made hole –816 nuclear base – Sohu tourism has long hair is picturesque, writes is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. Today 9.18, such a special day, but also to organize a military, about the country’s small article, but also buried underground for the past 40 years of secret. Here’s the mysterious, mysterious, sacred China’s only nuclear reactor!!! The world’s largest artificial cave!!! [author] lljing2010 on WeChat: WeChat public number: Bauhinia flowers travel micro-blog __: Bauhinia on the 816 "816" is a factory located in Wujiang, rolling through Fuling District of Chongqing City Town — Bai Tao; "816" project, the project total investment of 740 million yuan in September 1966, Premier Zhou Enlai personally approved the construction of the China second nuclear materials industrial base. The Wujiang River in the gold mountain, dug up a "the world’s largest artificial cave": the maximum excavation height of 79.6 meters, equivalent to 20 floors, 30 meters deep into the Wujiang river. Because it was a secret project, so only the number. This code "" hole in nuclear reactor and chemical engineering postprocessing, there is no shaking heaven and earth move, the sound was shaking heaven and earth, secret nuclear engineering. After nearly half a century to write, it is not only a historical term, but also a national spirit, a memory of the Republic, but also a few generations of youth. This history is called "three line construction", this is called "national spirit of selfless dedication", this period of the Republic of memory called "prepare for the present, and the memories of generations of youth together to form a sentence, that is –" when "the country needs 816, is a life can not erase the code inside live tour 816 holes, need to take the cable car, because the hole is too big and too big, like a maze, without the leadership of the staff, estimates you permanently trapped inside! From the hole to look inside, the channel has been stretched, a see not in the end. Into the hole, a chill hit. The cave remains 25 degrees centigrade to 27 degrees centigrade, cool in summer and warm in winter, seasonal temperature. Inside the hole body straight and wide, the space allows the truck into the completely relaxed, the depth is only the rows of incandescent lamps in order to go away, out of sight. The fork, stairs, elevator, factories everywhere, drainage ditch, ventilation pipe Goods are available in all varieties. 816 location "backer, dispersion and concealment" is the three line construction project site selection standard. Bai Tao, adjacent to Wujiang, backed by Wuling Mountain, high mountains and dense forests, geological stability 6相关的主题文章:

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