The women’s Grand Prix de Zhao Xuesheng Pogue Nina rose to the top of Tehran station-super bass

The women’s Grand Prix de Zhao Xuesheng Pogue Nina rose to the top of Tehran station Zhao snow beat Pogue Nina Beijing on February 22nd morning, 2015-2016 fide women’s Grand Prix de Heland race ended the ninth round of the contest. Chinese chess player Zhao Xue beat Pogue Nina, the Russian chess player, with 6.5 points and Georgian player Jager Ni Ze tied for the top of the list. Ju Wenjun and the game, with 6 points followed leader. After the second Armistice Day of rest, the Grand Prix de Heland race in Beijing on the evening of 21 to war. In the ninth round, the Georgian leader Jager Ni Ze Ma kidon, lead all gone, great changes took place in the standings situation…… Two China players win and get stable. The table is the ninth round of the specific results. The recent round of good momentum of last year’s World Championship runner up Zhao Xuehou’s Russian chess player Pogue Nina, usher in the Grand Prix of the fifth victory, but also to Pogue Nina were the two game losing streak. This chess game after Zhao Xue chose their long not under the Holland defense, and obtain more initiative in the opening after the situation. But then in the preparation of Wang wing attack, Zhao Xue’s tactics have less precise, seize the opportunity Pogue Nina created no small counter. The white hot phase of the battle is also a time of intense tension between the two sides. The glint and flash of cold steel battle, Pogue Nina made a big mistake by Zhao Xue manufacturing pawn in the center, with the channel will continue to advance, Zhao Xue in the first time when approaching victory locked. Another round of offensive player Ju Wenjun Chinese and last year’s European Championship in Ukraine’s Jukova in the 68 round of fighting, once dominant situation indomitable opponents and keep. Other chess player, the leader of the Georgia’s Jager Ni Ze Ma integral kidon, lost by points after the 53 year old Swedish veteran Crumlin. The original 1 great advantage vanish like soap bubbles. The host Card Mar Salih is once again making the dark horse winner, just before the women’s world champion Bulgaria player Rick Stefanova, not only on the standings, and successfully got their first men’s grandmaster order. The seven round has no win top player in India’s Koneru finally found the feeling, after taking Gunina in russia. Here is the nine round of the standings: Zhao Xue and Jager Ni Ze are 6.5 points at the same time, tied for the top of the list. Ju Wenjun and black horse Card Mar Salih with 6 points, followed by leading sheep. In the first half of the road leading Pogue Nina suffered two consecutive defeats, has retreated to fifth. The last five rounds of the game, the five people have the chance to win. The tenth round of the last second rounds will be played against Beijing late on February 22nd, specific as follows: (national administrative micro-blog STARR)

女子大奖赛德黑兰站 赵雪胜波格妮娜升至榜首 赵雪战胜波格妮娜   北京时间2月22日凌晨,2015-2016国际棋联女子大奖赛德黑兰站比赛结束第九轮的较量。中国棋手赵雪战胜俄罗斯棋手波格妮娜,以6.5分与格鲁吉亚棋手扎格尼泽并列积分榜榜首。居文君本轮弈和,以6分紧追领头羊。   经过第二个休战日的休息放松,大奖赛德黑兰站比赛于北京时间21日晚再燃战火。   第九轮比赛中,领头羊格鲁吉亚的扎格尼泽马失前蹄,领先优势荡然无存,积分榜形势发生了剧烈变化……两位中国棋手则表现稳定,取得一胜一和。上表是第九轮比赛的具体赛果。   最近几轮势头不错的赵雪后手力克去年的世锦赛亚军俄罗斯棋手波格妮娜,迎来本站大奖赛的第五个胜局,同时也使波格妮娜惨遭两连败。   这盘棋赵雪后手选择了自己很久未下过的荷兰防御,并在开局过后获得了较为主动的局面。然而此后在准备王翼进攻时,赵雪的招法有欠精确,被波格妮娜抓住机会制造了不小的反击。战斗的白热化阶段也是双方时间紧张的阶段。刀光剑影的激战中,波格妮娜犯下大错,被赵雪在中心制造通路兵,随着通路兵不断挺进,赵雪在第一时限临近时锁定胜局。   另一位中国棋手居文君本轮先手与去年的欧锦赛冠军乌克兰名将茹科娃激战68回合,在一度优势局面下被对手顽强守和。   其他棋手中,积分领跑的格鲁吉亚名将扎格尼泽马失前蹄,负于积分靠后的53岁瑞典老将克拉姆林。原本1分的大好领先优势,化为泡影。   而东道主黑马卡德马尔沙利赫则再度制造冷门,先手力克前女子世界冠军保加利亚棋手斯坦芳诺娃,不但迫近积分榜榜首,而且成功拿到自己的第一个男子特级大师序分。   已七轮未见胜绩的赛会头号棋手印度名将科内鲁终于找到感觉,后手拿下俄罗斯的古尼娜。   下面是九轮过后的积分榜:   赵雪与扎格尼泽目前同积6.5分,并列积分榜榜首。居文君与黑马卡德马尔沙利赫同积6分,紧随领头羊。前半程一路领跑的波格妮娜在遭遇两连败后,已经退至第五。比赛还剩最后两轮,上述五人都有夺冠机会。   北京时间2月22日晚将进行第十轮即倒数第二轮的比赛,具体对阵如下:   (国象官微 塔尔)相关的主题文章:

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