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The whole process of cesarean section incision was so big difference anyway! – mothers for maternal and child labor is not Sohu, caesarean delivery is the only choice for them. So what is a caesarean section in the process? Surgical incision is horizontal or vertical good? The "pregnant mother" growth Ma deputy director of No.1 Hospital of Peking University invited kangaroo obstetrician Hector Yingdong secret for everyone. He is deputy director general of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, No.1 Hospital of Peking University, Beijing medical association. The main direction is the prenatal care and perinatal treatment of high-risk pregnancy, especially in the clinical treatment of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy (video address: Caesarean section of the first step: first, maternal to fetal heart anesthesia supine, listen to fetal heart, confirm the fetal state. Then the maternal side, United will lumbosacral anesthesiologist and epidural anesthesia, commonly known as "half ma". After the anesthesia of the mother, the mind can still stay awake, but the abdomen and lower limbs feel numb, but can not feel pain. Some mothers after anesthesia, blood pressure drops, need to listen again to confirm the status of fetal fetal heart. The second step: disinfection, surgical towel anesthesia after the entry into force, the doctor began to give the mother’s abdomen to be disinfected, and then spread a sterile single, only the abdominal incision site exposed. The doctor will place a "head" at the top of the neck of the puerpera, blocking her view, she saw the operation to avoid tension. The third step: incision into the abdominal wall, the doctor will be with a small forceps clip a maternal abdominal skin, observe whether there is pain, if women don’t feel pain, the doctor will gradually cut the skin and subcutaneous tissue, abdominal fascia, and then hand the muscle layer is separated by hand into the open rather than a knife, because it is helpful to postoperative recovery. When the doctor saw the retroperitoneal will open the peritoneal layer into the abdominal cavity. Open the uterus and bladder peritoneum, will be found in the uterus in front of the bladder, the doctor will push the bladder, exposing the lower uterine segment. The fourth step: the doctor will touch the uterine incision of lower uterine segment, determine fetal head position, and then a cut of about 3 cm transverse incision, the incision to both sides torn by hand to about 10 cm, to the transverse incision and uterine muscle fiber direction is consistent, so the meeting is more simple, tear small incision and damage ratio. Step fifth: remove the baby uterine incision, doctors first used forceps piercing the membranes, the net absorption of amniotic fluid. Then, the surgeon hands into the womb, hold the fetal head, assistant doctor pressed at the bottom of the uterus to the fetus pushed down, at the same time the surgeon’s hand will pry up a fetal head, in most cases, the baby’s head can be delivered smoothly. After the delivery of fetal head, the doctor will immediately hand or rubber ball cleaning of fetal nasal and oral liquid in the first breath to avoid neonatal suffocation caused inhalation of liquid. Then, the doctor put the fetal neck tilted to one side, delivered a shoulder to the side, pull both shoulders, pulling it outward after delivery, the expulsion of the fetus body.相关的主题文章:

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