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The touch of history, uncover the Mystery Tour Singapore Tourism Sohu – a brief history of time before 1400, then moved north to Shishan County Muliancun Xi five, was born in Singapore in 1959, due to the construction of the Xin’An River hydropower station, the "lion city" began in the Han and Tang Dynasties, the "new city" overnight flooded in this piece of blue 2001, this deep buried under water for many years to the ancient city of 2016, there are "delivered from oppression" a "great man", he touched the track of history, uncover the mystery of history of Singapore Singapore is the original and county (1958 with Chun Anhe) of the county, located in the western Zhejiang now Qiandao Lake to Jiang Jia waterway Suian and islands Wu pointed head, ginger home 5 kilometers away from. Singapore is the ancient Yan six county only a walled town. Since then County Han Jian is three years (208 years) to build the county, the original County in the North (now Muliancun Xi Ding Li Chunan County, Wu Tong area), Tang Wude four years (AD 621 years), then treated by Muliancun Xi county moved north to Shishan five, which later became the city. In October 1955, the Ministry of power industry and construction of Xin’An River hydropower station, the location of the junction of Chunan and Jiande city. April 30, 1959, Chunan, Sui County into two later Chunan County, 290 thousand people moved to the village. In September 21st, the new Jiang river closure, reservoir began filling. Singapore, new city two continuation of the Millennium ancient city, together with 27 towns, more than 1 thousand villages, 300 thousand acres of farmland and thousands of houses in the Taihu lake. According to the time of the ancient city of villagers recalled, in the Xin’An river reservoir, Chunan has required all housing demolition and disinfection within the county, Hecheng basically destroyed, Singapore from the reservoir far, villagers did not expect water so quickly, no time to move. So, Singapore’s best preserved, we now see in the online photos are underwater city singapore. Now on the history of the gate, a pedestrian from all corners of the country, to uncover the mysterious veil of Singapore, and I, just one of them…… Play tips: [a] play: underwater city quest 1.360 degree underwater city VR experience 2 Singapore Museum for history [two] 3 sunset cruise gameplay experience 1 "Legend of Huizhou river subway" in the micro business recruitment exam, a shopkeeper [three] play addiction to a addiction 1 to test the imperial Ying College Hill, see Wen Kui gets 2 Singapore go through transportation channel, walk 3 follow culture [four] master play children’s new, 1 Scout camp, back to childhood 2 follow Cosplay animation, dress dream 3 with insect, to insects, and insects necessary the dialogue line: 1 sunglasses, sunscreen clothing, sunscreen, sunscreen and other kinds of sunshade to 2 Historical track record of Singapore, a camera or mobile phone is naturally essential [Singapore night scene is very beautiful, three foot 3, [] better days on indoor slippers swimsuit back相关的主题文章:

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