The titration of civilization an analysis of the mystery of modern science in China

"Civilization": Interpretation of modern science titration in the China generation mystery Joseph Needham (Joseph Needham) can be said to be Chinese most familiar with Western historians of science, he is known to the world because of the "Joseph Needham problem" and "why modern science did not in Chinese (or India) in the development of civilization, but only in Europe?" this issue is the most clear and detailed answers mainly reflected in his "civilization" (The Grand Titration) titration in a book. "Civilized" titration press, published in September 2016, the works of Joseph Needham "civilized titration: Science and society in the west" Mr. bookstore shelves, price concessions, the free mail, click on the bottom of the article "read" buy this book. In August 19, 2016, Chinese the history of natural science, Academy of Sciences, former director of the Institute Liu Dun, director of the center for history and philosophy of science at Peking University, Wu Guosheng was invited to the Shanghai Book Fair on Joseph Needham gave a talk. Liu Dun in the history of science and technology China, Wu Guosheng deep research in western history of science and technology, two scholars, one in the west, provides a rich ideological feast for the audience, here choose its essence, to readers. Wu Guosheng Joseph Needham and the wonderful karma China (hereinafter referred to as Wu): Liu Dun teacher repeatedly seen Joseph Needham in the flesh, can say is not only an expert on Joseph Needham, or his personal friend. We asked Mr. Liu to talk about his personal relationship with Joseph Needham. Liu Dun (hereinafter referred to as Liu): personal question, my seniority is too small. But in 90s, I visited the Joseph Needham Institute for a long time and had a close contact with him. Not only Joseph Needham only for the history of science and technology China we love, I am also very charismatic, Greek and Latin all understand. At the age of more than and 90 are at work every day, his body has been very good, the second wife has died, but he still every morning by a graduate institute to push the car to work, the afternoon and then push back. As a very special opportunity, his housekeeper has a problem, then I volunteered to go to Joseph Needham cook, serve him after a bath to bed, this opportunity, I have close contact with him. Joseph Needham, who is a member of Biochemistry, was a member of the Royal Society in 1941 and was the highest academic honor in the uk. In 30s, probably because the international environment dictates, he contacted a number of left-wing intellectuals, left leaning. In 40s he had the chance to China, this is a hard job, but he took the initiative to apply for the Chinese later, after several twists and turns, that is to say in the most difficult time China people, to the dawn came while China also see in the Anti Japanese War protracted. During this period, he came into contact with a large number of Chinese intellectuals and began to know more about Chinese culture. In 50s, Joseph Needham to UNESCO, first served as director of the United Nations Educational Organization of the Ministry of science by the. At this time, the vision of the world civilization gradually formed in his mind, he began to take China as a model, writing "science and civilization in China" (Science and C)!相关的主题文章:

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