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The State Council third large inspection: the real thing, for precise, difficult section new network – in September 30 Guiyang Xinhua news agency Xinhua: real, accurate and difficult section — witnessed the State Council third big supervision of Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jun at present, the State Council third large inspection nationwide. Sixteenth days before reporters to follow the State Council inspection team supervision in Guizhou found that both held a forum, individual interviews, on-site inspection or random inspection, the inspection form, the governor really check, conduction layers of pressure atmosphere, major investment projects under construction, deepen the reform, put the tube in service "to promote accurate poverty alleviation other inspection content for refinement, the inspection process not only adhere to the problem oriented, urging local governments and relevant departments to solve problems, pay more attention to together with the local" Anatomy "in the development of targeted Difficult miscellaneous diseases, put forward opinions and suggestions, opened an effective prescription". Speak freely speak the truth and tell the truth to the tentacles extend to the grassroots policy to be seen, from the grassroots to listen to the truth, the truth, the vernacular, can see the outline of the development of. "The experience of achievements or problems worth mentioning, we speak freely, the inspection team together and talk about the development." Is the national development of the State Council third times in the inspection, the sixteenth inspection team leader, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao held in Guizhou province Fuquan City, Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture a entrepreneurs forum to express themselves. Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation is a new engine of economic development "Chinese". In this process, science and technology innovation is a major focus. To reflect the scientific and technological innovation and really see results, see benefits, financial support is an important starting point". A local graphite equipment manufacturing enterprises responsible person Angela Baby to speak at the forum said: "my company’s sales revenue this year is expected to exceed 70 million yuan, which belongs to innovative enterprises, investment risk is key, relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote the productivity, the next step of innovation needs, also rely on funds to hold." Angela Baby Carter, entrepreneur Wei Haijun to receive the sentence in the past: "since the inspection team came, then take the opportunity to reflect, I opened a supermarket around the urban and rural areas and communities in Fuquan City, the momentum is very good, but the next step to the development of the electricity supplier, money is a big problem." In this regard, the inspection team members, the State Department counselor Xia Bin to Wei Haijun analysis, financial problems you say is a common problem of many entrepreneurs encounter these problems, the inspection team and to sum up, to focus on relevant aspects of reflection, multi-channel and multi-level policy measures to solve the problem. "Accurate" special inspection "supervision" commitment to build a beautiful small house, but the water and electricity? Difficult people live on the security room yet? Protection of the housing in the end who? The sixteenth inspection team focused, low-income housing construction and management of special inspection group according to the clues prior to grasp the problem, through inspection and analysis of Guizhou province’s public rental project materials selected from the inspection focused deep in Guiyang City, Tuyun City, Tongren City, Nanxian and other cities and counties Dejiang County site inspection 10.相关的主题文章:

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