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Spirituality Spirituality information tells us that all of life is a choice. Some choices are made consciously and some are made on autopilot. All of our choices have their genesis in the state of being you are in when you make the choice. It is your state of being that determines the types of choices you make in your life. If your life style is casual you may choose to wear tennis shoes every day. When you get dressed in the morning and you make a choice to put shoes on, you put on tennis shoes. You didn’t consciously sit there and go through your shoe inventory and ask yourself which pair of shoes will serve me best today. You just automatically put on your tennis shoes. It was still a choice to put on your tennis shoes but it was an unconscious choice. You have defined yourself as a casual person and you have chosen tennis shoes as your preferred choice of shoes. You don’t need to think about this when you get dressed; you just put yourself on autopilot and put on your tennis shoes. Making unconscious choices is neither good not bad. It is merely what is so. The process of life requires that we make choices in all matters because we are living in a world of relativity, which says for each experience you may desire, you have options that are different than what you desire, with different consequences. If we consciously thought about every choice we had to make throughout the day and the consequences of each choice, we would never get dressed in the morning. Let us see, should I wear the red shirt or the green sweater. Will the red shirt go with yellow shorts? What are the consequences of wearing a red shirt with yellow shorts? Will people think I am a fashion leader or a nerd? Argyle socks? No socks? Tennis shoes? Sandals? If I don’t wear a coat, will it rain? You see, there are rational and justifiable reasons that we relegate many of our choices to become automatic choices. Many of these choices are just mundane things that we do to function in a reasonable manner. They are just part of the make up of how we define ourselves. They come as sub-categories of things we do that define who we are. They are a demonstration of who we are being at any particular moment in time. So if it is your choice to predominantly wear tennis shoes as part of your wardrobe and you do this through an unconscious decision making pattern called getting dressed, then you are totally congruent with the state of beingness that you prefer called casual. That is who you are being. You are being casual. You are not doing casual. You are being casual and from that state of being you are doing casual things. Like wearing tennis shoes. So, all the choices we make concerning what we choose to do hark back to this reference point we define as our state of beingness. Who you are being in any particular moment in time will determine what you end up doing. Why is that, you say? Because beingness creates doingness. Hold on here. It’s time for one of those huge Ah-haaaaa’s. My beingness creates my doingness! So it’s a very natural phenomenon to make unconscious choices within any given state of being because the state of being that you choose will have, within it, a range of doingness factors that reflect the state of being that you choose. If you are sad, there are ranges of things to do that reflect sadness. If you are happy, there is a range of things to do that reflect happiness. Anger, joy, confusion, contemplation, war, peace, love and fear are all states of being that have a catalogue of choices concerning what a person in that state of being can do. When you choose a state of being that you desire to experience, you will automatically bring into your experience this inventory of things to physically or mentally do that will manifest that experience into your reality. About the Author: Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; "The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Spirituality 相关的主题文章:

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