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Business Security, Organization, and .fort are what travel accessories offer the savvy traveler. Eagle Creek has been helping travelers to pack efficiently and easily. They have developed a system to get you, your family and your discount luggage totally organized for the entire trip. It not only makes packing and unpacking easier, but you will travel smarter and neater. You will also be able to pack more while being able to find what you need when you need it. They make cubes and sacs in small, medium, large, jumbo, in padded versions. They also have two-sided cubes which are perfect for dirty laundry or wet bathing suits. Everything will go right from your suitcase directly into the hotel drawers. It’s like a highly organized file cabinet. You’ll know where everything is located. All of the loose items like film, sunscreen, sewing kit, band-aids, and nail clippers are located in one cube. Vitamins or prescription medications can be kept in another cube. The see-through waterproof polyurethane material that is laminated to the mesh in the sacs is perfect for any spill able items. These can hold your cosmetics, shampoos, as well as any liquid medications or lotions. The large sized cubes will hold your shoes and protect your clothing from muddy soles. Instead of having to search for items, they will all be neatly in one place. The cubes and sacs .e in a large selection of colors. You can organize by family member or by category. The shirt folders will keep even cotton shirts neat and unwrinkled. You just start with crisply ironed clothes and fold them neatly around the packing board. The packing board stays on top when you’re done loading the pack-it. The larger pack-it folders will ac.modate slacks and skirts as well as jackets and larger size shirts. Once you close the flaps of the pack-it folder, it prevents shifting inside your luggage and keeps everything neatly folded. The small folders ac.modate up to 7 smaller items, while the larger folders can ac.modate up to 15 shirts or other bulky items. Then there are those pack-it .pressors that let you pack your bulky pillow or big down parka easily and .pact. The one-way valve and patented zip closure in the bag allow you to remove up to 80 percent of the air in bulky items. Pillows, jackets, jogging clothes, and other bulky items are reduced in size to pack easily in your lightweight luggage. It’s also a great way to bring home your dirty clothes or anything that’s wet or damp. These .pressors are a great space-saving idea. They have been greatly received by the college crowd who are always trying to get more in a small dorm room. Now that we are packing our toiletries and cosmetics instead of carrying them on to the airplane, there’s a whole array of Pack-it toiletry kits. There are many different sizes to ac.modate everyone’s needs. You can pack everything inside of one larger case, or break things into categories and pack them in several smaller sized kits. Most models stand upright on a bathroom counter, or can hang from a towel rack or the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Kits are made of Travel Micro-Weave that is a water-repellent fabric. Some have the Link-Seal inside that is a waterproof, see-through polyurethane material laminated to the mesh fabric. They are all extremely practical, as many busy travelers have already discovered. These organizational kits make great corporate gifts and many can be silk-screened with .pany names or logos. Eagle Creek also makes small travel bottles to fit inside these kits . Travel accessories are just plain handy and convenient to travel with and make more trip more enjoyable. Remember those .fortable items such as travel pillows, blankets, and eyeshades. Keep in mind the items that keep your valuables safe such as money belts and document carriers. These are made of super-soft, breathable, highly absorbent materials that feel good next to your skin. Remember to also use the protect-it pouches to protect delicate electronic gear. You’ll probably shop on your trip and bring back more than you left with. The folding duffels and totes are the ideal way to carry those important souvenirs home! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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