The Russian Air Force warrior and Yu Yan mixed formation China determined to participate in the air

The Russian Air Force "warrior" and "Yu Yan" mixed formation China determined to participate in the air show – Beijing, Beijing, Zhuhai, August (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) 25, Russian Air Force aerobatic team and the eleventh session of the Executive Committee of Zhuhai Chinese airshow in Zhuhai on 25 signing. The Russian Air Force "Warriors", "swift" mixed fleet in November of this year Chinese during the show will debut in Zhuhai, this is the "warrior" and "swift" mixed fleet for the first time of flight performance outside Russian Federation, when the Yingeba four air force will then jointly virtuoso. The Russian Air Force aerobatic team captain Alexeyev Andre? Said the drama "the warrior", "Yu Yan", the two teams will by 5 Su -27 and 6 MIG -29 fighters mixed formation, by heavy fighter, lightweight fighter two different fighter formation performance is very difficult, they will be performing "Kubinka diamond and other stunts. It is understood that the aerobatic team is the world’s only use a heavy fighter (Su -27) as a demonstration flight demonstration team, the "Nesterov times" and "augmented circling" and "jump" rival wingover inverted "rise drop down" and "turmeric flowers" and other movements were breathtaking. It is worth mentioning that these stunts are flying at speeds of 800-900 km / h, altitude 60-150 meters to complete the low. Swift aerobatic team was founded in 1991, the MIG -29 fighters performing stunts, "pyramid" hammer "," Star "," arrow "," cross "etc.. Vice mayor of Zhuhai City, China airshow Zhuhai executive committee deputy director Wang Qingli said that the Russian air and space force "warrior" and "Yu Yan" mixed formation debut China airshow, Chinese airshow to enhance the international image and influence, will play a positive role to further promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between China and russia. It is reported that the executive committee will also recently China airshow and Pakistan Air Force fighter exhibition held a signing. Then, the Eleventh Chinese airshow will have four Russian air force and the Embarcadero show, a record number of foreign China show show team the most. The eleventh airshow total exhibition area of approximately 82000 square meters, is expected to show aircraft around 130, in 42 countries and regions, both at home and abroad more than 700 exhibitors, including overseas exhibitors accounted for about 45%. (end)相关的主题文章:

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