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The paradox of Baidu "Prince" events: This is probably far not the end. – Science and technology Sohu said, these two days, about Li Mingyuan and Baidu speculation and YY really is too much. There are a lot of shoes to me, you have to 81. Eight sister. However, I would like to say that I have heard of the various versions of the gossip is too much, how do you know which version is correct? Despite all this speculation aside, in fact, I think, although Baidu thought through a weekend to digest the resignation of Li Mingyuan, but I’m afraid that there is no such thing as easy to end. Because, no matter from which point of view, this event is the paradox. This could be just the beginning. Eight today I also consulted a famous company CEO, he also believes that the Baidu thing is the paradox from the process: 1, if you want to mail a bulletin executives, but also relates to economic problems, it directly to the public security organs to investigate and directly out of it, Mao also said politely is to resign? 2, if you really like Li Mingyuan, I is not involved in corruption, economic exchanges is legitimate, it is direct decent for him to leave it, but also for the hair full letter informed of the matter? Who do not know, to the more than 40 thousand internal mail is equal to the whole society? So, the CEO believes that it is because Baidu was causing a lot of speculation about the palace fighting in dealing with this incident hanging around. The eight sister think, in any case, if Baidu is rational if the things should be fully disclosed the details, do not hide. Why is it so? First of all, Baidu is easy to deal with internal staff and the outside world to produce Baidu internal inequality. After all, Li Mingyuan’s economic dealings are legitimate, whether the company has to open the external interests of the transfer? If not legitimate, why Li Mingyuan can be spared only to resign, and Baidu a lot of other corruption involving director and staff are to be dismissed or transferred to judicial institutions? If Li Mingyuan’s behavior is legal, then make it clear. To do now, this is not the time to speak about human face, after Baidu made this internal e-mail, it became a public event. Since Li Mingyuan himself was shocked, and thought he was black, why Baidu didn’t say clearly what was going on, to inform the public? Second, Baidu as a listed company in the U. S., Li Mingyuan is the company’s core business executives have been involved in about Baidu’s large transactions, from the perspective of the shareholders, Baidu should also explain, what Li Mingyuan and the acquired company and partners have what kind of economic exchange, whether through their investment in the company’s interest delivery. Even if Baidu does not publish, maybe there will be a direct action of shareholders to jump, so why not to disclose the details? In any case, behind this event may have more complex content, but from the way Baidu bulletin says, this is the paradox. So, I think, even if Baidu may want this thing in the past, people quickly forget this thing, but this may be just one.相关的主题文章:

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