The nine year old has donated his dwelling worth a total of 5 suites of about 1 million 30 thousand 3344111

The nine year old has donated his dwelling worth a total of 5 suites of about 1 million 30 thousand yuan from Xiamen Hongkong resident Xu Lihui keen to charity, spare no effort to return home loading… Morning news reporter Wu Xueying correspondent Li Pingyu Xiamen is a city of love, before Chen Jiageng all patriotic overseas Chinese student, a white haired old man donated property to serve the society. She volunteered to donate 5 properties in Xiamen, but his dwelling in a small house in Hongkong; she could live, but to many times to Xiamen for donations; she is illiterate, but with their own actions to write poems dedicated a song. Her name is Xu Lihui. She is 90 years old. She was born in Xiamen and moved to Hongkong with her children in her later years. Others advised her to be old, not to toss, but she was happy, and because of dedication and feel very happy. Although she declined to interview the journalist, the reporter knew her story from the city’s Scarlet letter. Letters sent to 5 real estate time back to April 1999, a letter from Hongkong sent to the Red Cross Society of Xiamen, the letter expressed the sender wishes to donate Xiamen real estate wishes. Along with the letter, there is a real estate certificate in the Republic of China period. Because of the old property permits some yellowing, but clear handwriting, written Shengping Road No. 2. The sender is Xu Lihui. Xu Lihui and his daughters are members of the Red Cross Society of Hongkong. Xu Lihui had 5 property left by her husband in Xiamen, and these houses have been idle since they lived in Hongkong for years. This letter to the Red Cross Society of Xiamen, Xu Lihui is hoping to donate these houses to help people in need. It is reported that 5 homes, Xu Lihui donated, located in the town road, Shengping Road, Siming Road, Qing Xiang etc.. Because of the real estate property donated more material for old, and added many materials, taking into account the Red Cross decided Xu Lihui advanced in age, sent to the agency. Donation, the relevant departments to assess, these 5 houses total value of about 1 million 30 thousand yuan. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >

九旬老人自己蜗居却捐出5套房 总价值约103万元 厦门籍香港居民许丽慧热衷慈善,回报家乡不遗余力加载中… 晨报记者 吴雪莹通讯员 李萍渝厦门是一座有爱的城市,前有爱国华侨陈嘉庚倾囊助学,后有白发老人捐赠房产回馈社会。她自愿捐出厦门5处房产,自己却蜗居在香港一间小房子里;她本可安度晚年,却不辞辛苦,多次来厦办理捐赠事宜;她大字不识几个,却以自身行动写下一首首奉献的诗篇。她叫许丽慧,今年90岁。出生于厦门的她,晚年随子女移居香港。旁人都劝她年纪大了别折腾,她却乐在其中,并因为奉献而感到很幸福。虽然她婉拒了记者的采访,记者还是从市红字会了解到了她的故事。寄来信件捐出5处房产时间拨回到1999年4月,一封来自香港的信件寄到厦门市红十字会,信中表达了寄件人希望捐赠厦门房产的愿望。随信而来的,还有一份民国时期的房产证。房产证因年代久远有些泛黄,但字迹清晰,写着升平路2号。寄件人正是许丽慧。许丽慧和女儿都是香港红十字会的会员。许丽慧在厦门有5处丈夫遗留给她的房产,由于长年居住在香港,这些房子一直闲置着。此番写信给厦门市红十字会,许丽慧就是希望能捐赠这些房子,帮助有需要的人。据悉,许丽慧捐赠的5处房产,分别位于镇邦路、升平路、思明北路、外清巷等地。由于其捐赠房产较多,房产材料老旧,需办理和补充的材料很多,考虑到许丽慧年事已高,市红十字会决定派专人为其代办。捐赠时,经有关部门评估,这5套房子总价值约103万元人民币。(海西晨报(微博))>相关的主题文章:

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