The Natural Biological Extracts In

Health Safety and efficacy of cosmetics is the new era of cosmetics research and development goal, natural biological extracts often have multiple roles, the effectiveness of lasting stability, the role of moderate wide range of applications, no side effects or side effects are minor advantages, its research and development has be.e a response to return to nature, science and beauty, the latest trends in science and the concept of care. At present the active ingredient in cosmetics as a natural bio-extracts mainly from plants, animals, and some marine organisms, including plant extracts for the most in-depth research and development, the most widely used applications. Chinese traditional herbal medicine for thousands of years in topical, oral application in practice has accumulated a lot of efficacy record and experience, their dosage, Resveratrol safety and side effects, there are many validation, raw materials for cosmetics has opened up vast resources to explore and the development of new cosmetics provide favorable conditions, with strong advantages and potential applications, is the research focus. In recent years, many domestic and foreign scholars on the development and utilization of herbal active ingredients for effective work, such as black and dark .plexion from attending the herbal extract whitening actives Lipstick class, Chia seed from the blood circulation improvement found in herbal microcirculation, moist and facial conditioner; the basis of known and effective herbal ingredients, in the same family, same, closely related plants in the same or similar chemical to find a new source of active ingredients; to a particular structure of the material as indicators of activity in many of the herbal material in filter and so on. Currently, from the application of traditional Chinese medicine and folk experience in order to explore for natural cosmetics has hundreds of active substances, which is the most studied herbs with antioxidant ingredients, such as glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice, Plant extracts from peony, Cynanchum, birch bark, primrose, etc. paeonol from ferulic, Ligusticum wallichii, Equisetum, Cimicifuga, Lycopodium, etc. ferulic acid, derived from ginseng, Panax ginseng saponins and other, Panax saponins, from the Japanese Barberry, Mahonia, gold hanging turtle berbamine, derived from safflower, Schisandra Schisandra phenol, allicin from garlic, Maodongqing from the total flavonoids, and Angelica, Coptis extract, and so have a good antioxidant. Secondly, extracted from natural herbs inhibitors have been widely attention in recent years, such as Angelica, Angelica, wind, bear fruit, plum, cinnamon, Vitex extracts such as enzyme inhibition with tyrosine, Jing mustard, gardenia, Houttuynia, cardamom, brandy bottle, bamboo ginseng, clove, independent living, soft Lithospermum, littoralis, hemp seed, Coix seed extract such as hyaluronidase has a strong inhibition, Millettia, gelatin, almonds, Nepeta, Ligusticum wallichii, brandy bottle, rhubarb extract on collagenase inhibition, and if flavanones and anthocyanin family of .pounds are also a variety of enzyme inhibition, but also the interaction with collagen and elastic fibers, thereby protecting them from being hydrolyzed protein fibers, from whitening, moisturizing, prevent pigmentation and to prevent skin aging effect. In addition, more used in cosmetics, herbal preparation also asteraceae fruit, dandelion, Agrimony, Senecio, baicalin, mint, thyme and so on. The .plex .position of herbal extracts, a variety of mechanisms, while there is a wide range of interactions, the use of traditional Chinese medicine theory .bined with modern science and technology, an in-depth research and development will undoubtedly have an important significance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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