The National English proficiency test plan tsumori chisato

National English proficiency test plan is gradually introduced with the famous foreign scale and test docking table newspaper November 12th, the second International Conference on language testing and evaluation, held at the Zhejiang University Zijin campus. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from the meeting, the Ministry of education is developed China English ability rating scale, and with the support of the National English proficiency test. This means that China will establish a unified foreign language evaluation system. In September 2014, China’s State Council promulgated the opinions on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system, clearly put forward to strengthen the construction of foreign language ability evaluation system". To this end, the Ministry of education set a goal: by 2020, basically built a unified standard, multi functional modern foreign language evaluation system, while promoting the reform of the content and form of examination. Lin Huiqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education introduced at the meeting, in the past two years, at home and abroad more than one hundred experts and scholars of the joint efforts of China’s foreign language proficiency evaluation system construction progress. China English proficiency rating scale has been completed, the main body is expected to be officially announced in 2017, the National English proficiency test plan to be launched in 2020. Vice president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies professor Liu Jianda said, Chinese about 300 million English learners, but the syllabus lacks coherence, all kinds of examinations are lack of uniform standards, many kinds of examinations in English, so English is the need to develop a unified form, and the corresponding grade examination. He introduced the newly developed Chinese English proficiency rating scale will be divided into nine grades. Among them, one or two corresponds roughly to the level of primary school, junior high school corresponds to the level of three, corresponding to the high school level, the corresponding to the University of the five or six, corresponding to the English Majors in the class of eight or nine, corresponding to the top seven foreign language talents. Each level has different requirements in terms of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating and knowledge strategy. At present, there are a lot of mature English evaluation system in foreign countries, and the Chinese English proficiency scale will be connected with it. At the same time, experts are still working on the design of a national English proficiency test. At present, the development team has completed two key breakthrough level (level five and level six) of the outline of the development of the project, will be launched in 2017 and the timely use of. Dean of Zhejiang University professor He Lianzhen foreign language and culture and international exchange, unified the standard test, coherent and orderly, and a test by reducing the duplication of examination, to meet the teaching evaluation, education, employment and other requirements. With reference to the scale and the corresponding level of examination, learners can determine what level of their English level. At the same time, the examiner or the employer, but also a clear understanding of the applicant’s English ability, so as to conduct scientific selection. (Evening News)相关的主题文章:

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