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The most beautiful terrace in southern Hunan [eleven edition] – back when the Sohu in Chenzhou tourism Yongchun terrace (Wen Houfu Raiders) wrote back time photography: the way south above: men and women across the Han Tang costume tour north mountain road to Wan Yan, after numerous car around the bend, a pedestrian arrived yatihu Yao Township Beihu district the terrace of Yongchun Chenzhou city. Here is the latest from Guangdong terrace, is the most beautiful in the terrace. I remember the last time in Guangxi to enjoy the terrace was three years ago, when the entire Longsheng fog, the pictures as a piece of white cloth, this time in Yongchun, he was the sun, can finally enjoy the scenery terrace. The terrace of Yongchun away from the city center, is far away from the village, in the mountains surrounded by a quiet and charming and coquettish exclusive. Standing height overlooking terrace, golden lines such as ribbon layers inlaid on the hillside above, the tide appears to be horizontal on the flow, and ruqin order changes of ups and downs, from another perspective, like a spinning top. Chunhua, glittering, standing between Yongchun terraced field, it has become the man in the picture. A scholar friend once said to me in an exaggerated way: to listen to the voice of the rice flower, feel the pulse of life. He really do come back, write a thousand words copious and fluent prose. What I want to say is that all things are spiritual, treat each individual seriously, there will be a good harvest! The terrace of Yongchun mountain shaped, large square, such as small Kang, one layer, a film, the mountain ditch in an unbroken line. Every summer and autumn, such as the belt stretches the layers of patches of terraces, golden rice with the wind on Jin Bo. In the water season, Tian Qingquan, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, such as underground layers of heaven. The slope farmland, highlighting the indomitable spirit of the wisdom of the people and against the natural environment. Met a farmer in the mountain ridge, and his pleasant conversation, suddenly remembered when transplanting ear cutting scene in his hometown of Chaozhou shantou. In the past years, most of the home garden and paddy into fish ponds, I also experience a rare opportunity to do the fun of farmers. Perhaps, I am old, to a place like Yongchun terrace, rent a third of an acre, a little rice and vegetables, imagine work every day in the picture, and smiled! The face of the beautiful scenery, a pedestrian camera, cell phone shutter sound after another! Hand in hand, to the world! Yongchun Xiang Gu Ling on the top layer of brick can be used to make bamboo, bamboo frame and other crafts came near the village, to see a lot of sun farm on the rooftop of pepper. Red and white, very good-looking. In addition to pepper, farmers also sun eggplant, far from the view that squid. Yongchun terrace not only planting rice, paddy fields also fish, fish stocking in paddy field called Procypris merus, because eating grass flower grew up, taste fresh and sweet. Because the yield is not high, the economic conditions of the farmers are a little bit better left occupied, but not willing to sell out. As the guests from afar, to enjoy the traditional Procypris merus, is sanshengyouxing! Main ingredients: making the ocean and Procypris merus nine Yao Wo flower fish bowl, taste pure, collective travel is worth a try, if the wind相关的主题文章:

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