The Ministry of housing and housing prices of nine kinds of heavy thorough investigation of unfair b

The Ministry of housing and housing prices of nine kinds of heavy thorough investigation of unfair business practices – Politics – original title: the Ministry of housing and the nine housing prices and then a punch thorough investigation of unfair business practices on 14 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Han Jie) following the pre notification part of the illegal real estate development enterprises and intermediary organizations, the Ministry of construction of Housing Urban and rural 14, and then a punch specification management behavior to purify the market environment of housing prices, clear to the 9 kinds of unfair business practices severely punished. The Ministry of housing announced the "norms on the real estate development business maintenance notice" the order of the real estate market, and held a teleconference deployment to further rectify and regulate the order of the real estate market. In the notice of the Ministry of housing and real estate development enterprises 9 kinds of unfair business practices made clearly defined: one is misleading, fraud and speculation, including the publication of false information and advertising, fabricating or spreading rumors; the other is illegal sales practices, including pre-sale permit sales of commercial housing a collection of deposit, booking, property hoarding, secretly charges, tie-in sale, a "sell" etc.. Ministry of housing requires all localities should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and rules for the conduct of these illegal acts severely punished. Belong to the scope of the scope of responsibility for the real estate sector, should pay close attention to the handling of the relevant departments in charge, should pay close attention to the transfer of processing; for alleged crimes, to be transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility. On this basis, depending on the seriousness of the case, take a written warning, interviewed the main person in charge of the enterprise, public notification of unfair business practices, and included in the list of serious violations of dishonesty in the real estate development enterprises in the qualification examination of key audit of real estate development enterprises. On the meeting, Poly Real Estate (Group) Limited by Share Ltd chairman Song Guangju on behalf of 20 level of quality real estate development enterprises to the public made eight commitments, said a qualified enterprises will take the lead, commitment, integrity management, if any, willing to bear the corresponding legal responsibility, and welcome to the community supervision. Specific commitments include: — no sale without pre-sale permit commercial housing; — not false advertising; — do not cover Xishou or spread price information; — real publication houses, not to make housing shortage information; — not to violate the rules, will not meet the conditions of sale of commercial housing to purchase. Have a collection of deposit and advance receipts, membership fees and other costs; — each suite are priced, not in the sales field of temporary price, do not charge additional fees; — no additional conditions or limit the rights of consumers, forcing buyers to accept the price of goods or services; — not a room two sell. Ministry of housing in the meeting also called on all localities should attach great importance to the rectification and regulation of the real estate market order to persevere, not to grasp. To strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, strengthen coordination and cooperation between departments, and always maintain a high pressure situation investigation. Real estate development enterprises to control the "notice" self-examination irregularities, strengthen self-discipline, according to the rule of law, integrity and promise. In addition, to speed up the construction of the real estate industry credit system, the establishment of相关的主题文章:

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