The Mid Autumn Festival outdoor performances colorful Yongchun mook jong will for the first t sweets parade

The Mid Autumn Festival outdoor performances colorful   Yongchun mook jong will for the first time on Chinatown – International – in London in September 9, the London Chinatown businesses consisting of the London Chinatown Chinese Association will launch MOON FEST UK Mid Autumn Festival celebration at the Chinatown in London in September 18th, in addition to the stage art show colorful, Chinatown pavilion area will launch the "Kung Fu", to promote Chinese martial arts to the British people. Activities will also launch "children’s world" to attract more British family participation. The other day there will be a lion and is expected to help celebrate the festival booth scene will be very lively. The London Chinatown Chinese Association chairman and President Deng Zhuting expressed support for businesses to make the annual mid autumn festival activities increasing the size of the program is more exciting, now the Mid Autumn Festival has become the overseas Chinese after the lunar new year the most large festival. There are stars this year, is expected to attract more visitors to Chinatown. He wished the Chinese friends of the Mid Autumn Festival month two reunion. Every new year and the Mid Autumn Festival, the London Chinatown will hang up colorful lanterns to attract more tourists, the Mid Autumn Festival this year is no exception. From the beginning of this week, will hang lanterns tseuk Luk street, three pailou Chinatown will be hung a large banner Mid Autumn Festival, increase the festive atmosphere. From Malaysia’s "Lantern uncle" will personally make traditional lanterns on display in the six corner pavilion. Chinatown Chinese Association hopes to strengthen the British new generation of China cultural interest in the newly completed Chinese station set up a children’s world by heart theater through interactive drama for children to the traditional Mid Autumn Festival story. For the first time in Chinatown will appear from the Xizhou master Zhen Wu Chun will be with the brothers for visitors and free on-site demonstration of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Professor China Kung fu. The show will be in London’s Chinatown tseuk Luk Street entrance archway at. Large stage show from noon to 12 pm, continued until 5 p.m., with traditional cultural programs, including Kung Fu Performances, Chinese traditional music and dance performances, etc.. The London Chinatown will display handicrafts and businesses publicity booth, lively festive atmosphere. Visitors enjoy the program at the same time, but also enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival traditional food, moon cake, pearl milk tea, etc.. ((Bai Tianhang): Chang Hong, Qin Boya commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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