The Main Application Of The Nickel-iron And Nickel-luonv

Business In 1804, the first time refining nickel from ore, due to the limitations of the technical conditions and the lack of resources and other factors, the nickel without significant development about 100 years. Until the eve of World War I, the Worlds nickel production were only a few thousand tons after the World War I, especially after World War II, nickel production sharp increase quickly. In 1865, scientists use garnierite adding gypsum and coal to reduction smelting and get the nickel mirror, so that a small amount of nickel in ore have been enriched. After burning sulfur, and the resulting nickel oxide in solid state with carbon reduction can make of nickel powder. As the surveys by metal powder supplier, nickel can be fully dissolved in the r-iron, the solubility in the a-iron is 10%. Containing nickel amounted to 5% can increase the tensile strength and hardness of low carbon structural steel. Containing 3% nickel in carbon steel can improve its tensile strength, impact toughness, yield point and deformation capacity. Nickel containing 1% to 4% of a structural steel, due to the ratio of the tensile strength and the quality of this steel is appropriate, it is suitable for use in the manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles and machinery. In addition to these several elements in the wear-resistant member, it also contains carbon. The most important nickel-containing steels, and the maximum consumption is not the stainless steel and heat-resistant special steel. For example Cr18Ni9Ti, Cr17Ni1iMn2 series of heat-resistant stainless steel, good performance of thermal processing, has been widely used in machinery, medical, defense, light industry. Nickel in cast iron with a slight graphitization. Can stabilize the pearlite and reduce ferrite content. Therefore, the cast iron nickel helps to obtain uniform and integral structure and excellent performance. Add a small amount of nickel (Ni0.% ~ 1.0%) will lead to the formation of fine pearlite, when with higher nickel content, it will form of martensite and austenite. Fine and stable pearlite can cast iron has good processing properties and hardness. Therefore, the addition of nickel iron castings used to manufacture castings in the automotive manufacturing industry. The low-iron-nickel alloy containing chromium, diamond and aluminum, with a high-temperature alloys, generally referred Haast corrosion resistant nickel base alloy, a tensile strength is up to 233. 24MPa in 923 . The iron-nickel alloy containing Ni30% ~ 90% with high permeability, and thus apply in the electrical and electronics industry, for example, containing Ni30%, FE70% of the Climax alloy. Containing Ni80%, Cr14%, Fe6% of the alloy is a special corrosion resistant spring material, use for dental treatment. Nickel is also used as a coin and used in the battery industry. Source:..mhcmp.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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