The import and Export Bank of China will issue $640 million in debt-mp7a1

Chinese import and export bank will issue $640 million of debt China import and Export Bank announced on 24 may in the territory, is scheduled for March 2nd in the bank issued in 2016 the first phase of the bond within the U.S. national inter-bank bond market, a period of 3 years, a total of $640 million. According to the announcement, the bonds will adopt a floating interest rate form, the coupon rate is 3 months LIBOR+0.8%; according to the face value of the bonds of $100 to $1 million for the parity issue, a subscription unit; the issue of book building, placing the focus on the way, the number of tender. The bonds issued in March 2nd, March 9th payment from the payment date, payment once every 3 months, in the period of the duration of the bond, the annual March 9th, June 9th, September 9th and December 9th (in case of holidays: Shun Yan). March 9, 2019 expires (holidays are postponed). It is reported that the bonds ahead of the lead underwriter for Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ (Chinese), Mizuho Bank (China), the Agricultural Bank of Chinese, the lead underwriter for the Minsheng Bank, Bank of communications China, deputy lead underwriter for the Bank of Yinzhou, Bank of Chinese. According to public information, in 2015, the bank issued a period of dollar bonds, the size of 1 billion 360 million U. S. dollars. (Zhang Qinfeng) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国进出口银行将于境内发行6.4亿美元债    中国进出口银行24日发布公告称,定于3月2日在全国银行间债券市场发行该行2016年第一期境内美元债券,期限3年,总额6.4亿美元。    据公告披露,本期债券将采用浮动利率形式,票面利率为3个月LIBOR+0.8%;将按债券面值100美元平价发行,以100万美元为一个认购单位;采用簿记建档、数量招标、集中配售的方式发行。本期债券3月2日发行,3月9日缴款,自缴款日起,每3个月付息一次,即在本期债券存续期内,每年的3月9日、6月9日、9月9日和12月9日付息(遇节假日顺延)。2019年3月9日到期(遇节假日顺延)。    据悉,本期债券的前头主承销商为三菱东京日联银行(中国)、瑞穗银行(中国)、中国农业银行,主承销商为中国民生银行、交通银行,副主承销商为鄞州银行、中国银行。    据公开信息,2015年口行曾发行一期美元债券,规模为13.6亿美元。(张勤峰) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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