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The ice hockey team won the World Cup winner Close Canada Europe than MVP Canada team won the sina sports news Beijing time on September 30th morning, 2016 Canada Hockey World Cup ended in Toronto Air Canada Center, in the second match, the host team Canada at the last minute to 2 than 1 beat the European team, so as to the total score 2 the 0 World Cup champion, the first game in the finals of the 28, the Canadian team than the 3 to 1 victory. The first 3 Canada than the 1 European games just after 21 seconds, the Canadian team Marchand was sent off small, but he returned to the field after the score, Berglund breaking ball defense, then assists Marchand attack a ball, the score was rewritten as 1 to 0, the section to 13 minutes and 20 seconds Gates Ralph, the Canadian team qianchangduanqiu, he assists Stan Kos scored again, will expand the score to 2 than 0. The second section 7 minutes into the game, consisting of Germany, Switzerland eight players European team finally scored, Seidenberg shot blocked, Tata door tip break, pull the score to 1 than 2, then the European team Eierhoff was sent off because of delay of game of small, single formed plug Cara in the team play less the case of a person, but the Canadian goalkeeper Preiss’s heroics, struggling to defuse the situation, keep a ball advantage for the team. The third day race to 9 minutes and 24 seconds, the Canadian team Close assists Berglund scored a goal, will expand the score to 3 than 1, then the two sides no contribution of the Canadian team with 3 than 1 won the first final victory, goalkeeper Preiss completed a total of 32 saves. Second Canada 2 1 European European team after the opening fight to win or die occupy the initiative, the Canadian team until the game was 6 minutes faster when they made the first break, then the European team to achieve the goal, check the door before the shot will score 1 to 0. After the European team and the opportunity to break, but the Canadian goalkeeper Preiss excellent performance, did not let the opponent to expand the score. The second day after the opening, the Canadian team won with a little chance, but Tavares will hit the post in the almost hit the empty net case, missed the opportunity to tie. After the European team goalkeeper Hallak outstanding performance, has not given the opportunity to host the equaliser. The third section of the game more than three minutes left, the Canadian team again won the chance to play, Burns will Bogelong long-range reflects the network, finally leveled the score 1 to 1 level. After the European team to play more and less opportunity, first post about West a shot, then the Hausa in front of the shooting was in on Preiss Shen Yong, the Canadian team then return to escape from death in a great catastrophe, 44 seconds left in the game, the ball to the front after the Taos Ershang volley which assists the horse. To break, the score was 2 to 1. Finally, with the grain golden goal, the Canadian team to 2 than 1 beat the European team, and with a total score of 2 to 0 won the world cup champion, Captain Close is getting the most valuable player. (right)相关的主题文章:

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