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"The Great Wall" Zhang Yimou opened the conference: Luhan grew into a hero – Entertainment Sohu Luhan to walk the red carpet Luhan handsome Luhan and creative photo Sohu entertainment news before the movie "the Great Wall" held in Beijing "five army concentrated point Xiongguan" conference, director Zhang Yimou and Tian Jing, Lin update, Luhan Huang Xuan appeared, and introduces the design of the five field army ". Zhang Yimou: Luhan plays the role of Matt Damon directly and exchange the final growth for the hero conference site, Luhan introduced himself as the bear soldiers Peng Yong: "he started very timid, cowardly, the special character of counseling, easily frightened, he is the biggest characteristic of a nervous tremor, because handshaken will make a lot of mistakes by training." Director Zhang Yimou said: "the role of Luhan Luhan’s role and Matt Damon have a direct exchange, he is part of a soldier’s growth, and finally become a hero, we see the movie will be moved." Peng Yong was not afraid of sacrifice and courage to inspire the five army officers, and ultimately grow into a hero. Play a role Luhan by all "bully" jokes "should be" tiger generals in the absence of Eddie Peng, but by the expression of VCR on Luhan’s "distressed", they play in the drama, collar for Luhan bear soldiers very harsh, Luhan jokingly said: "in fact all of I’m not very friendly, they are my leadership, should be". After the conference, part of the group’s visit, Lin update revealed that almost everyone has a "bully" Luhan’s soldiers, not only is the bully Huang Xuan, but Huang Xuan’s generals have been ignored deer Luhan’s soldiers, fans have a message: Yong Yong, we love you dearly. It is reported that the film "the Great Wall" will be held December 16th National release.   相关的主题文章:

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