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The Senate proposed a ban in 2030 on the new fuel vehicles on the road — car — original title: German senate proposal from 2030 new fuel vehicles on the road on 9 October, Xinhua news agency, Berlin (reporter Zhang Yirong) according to media reports, the German Federal Senate recently passed a resolution proposed since 2030, prohibits the use of gasoline and diesel for the new power of the car on the road within the EU, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The resolution responded and supported the European Commission’s previous plan to achieve zero emissions of urban traffic by 2050, saying that all parties need to work hard to protect the health and well-being of EU citizens. The resolution calls on all members of the European Commission to assess the current tax policy to promote the realization of zero emission transportation is effective, in the latest period from 2030 onwards, the implementation of access in the whole range of the new zero emission vehicles only. In this regard, media analysts said, referring to the decision of "zero emission vehicle" refers to the electric car, "assessment of the current tax policy is intended to end the current diesel cars in many EU Member States enjoy preferential tax, which could increase the tax on diesel vehicles to reduce the use of. The resolution was passed by the federal states of Germany, which were governed by different parties. Although the resolution itself does not have the legal effect, but analysts generally believe that Germany, as one of the EU’s most "right to speak," one of the Member States, the EU’s impact on the development of the law can not be ignored. It is reported that, on the German side, the current slow penetration of electric vehicles, the purchase of electric vehicles to provide subsidies did not achieve the desired results. Therefore, the German Federal Senate passed the resolution, or with the realization of climate change, the Paris agreement, the emission reduction targets related to the future of Germany must significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. German Green Party welcomed the resolution. In a proposal this year the National Congress of the German Green Party said, "only a clean, light weight and no carbon emissions, car economy is the future", and emphasized the need to change the transport sector in line with the interests of the auto industry. However, Germany’s largest automobile association — ADAC believes that as long as the high efficiency and environmental protection, internal combustion engine will continue to play an important role in 2030 after the German economy and transportation, and said "the single from the national level of specific technology issued a ban is not a realistic choice". (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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