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The full list of people applauded, renhang finally abandoned, the three finalists – end sports Sohu this afternoon, Lippi a national football squad finally "Spotlight", 25 people were not the natural fruit Hengda become the largest contribution to the players club, has reached 7 people, followed by Shanghai port, to achieve 5 people, 4 people Beijing Guoan, this list can be said to let the fans applaud, why is this? The first 12 qualifying games of the past 4 games, the team’s biggest controversy people renhang unsuccessful, Gao Hongbo compared with cooked without a good state, Lippi is the spirit of professional coach common principle it is with the best players, renhang after all have been so many months without playing, simply rely on training to maintain state, is clearly not enough to participate in the national team’s strength. Ren hang out on the network but also let fans applaud, and netizens applauded is clearly not only out of any aircraft, and this season in the League performance excellent players, although Gao Hongbo has been giving up time and again but the players selected: Wang Dalei, Shandong Luneng in the general state of the team performance this season. It can be said that Wang Dalei is hanging open, repeatedly made God saves, defend Shandong Luneng door, although Gu Chao porters in the amateur, various mistakes, Gao Hongbo is still not, it seems, it should be Gao Hongbo class. Cao? This season in the league, Shenhua outstanding performance, and ultimately won the League fourth, successfully obtained AFC Champions League qualification game, but is such a grand prix, Gao Hongbo still did not put him in the eyes of all the fans are recruited into the swap, but Cao? For some reason can tell a person, not recruited. Zheng Zhi, the veteran Zheng Zhi is undoubtedly the most fans call especially Hengda fans, although the wound on the body of Zheng Zhi Feng Shui has been posted curse, but can not deny that Zheng Zhi is indeed the best in midfield. From Lippi’s list of 25 National People’s Congress, the state is good, in the country foot became the first principle, but not before the cronyism, unauthorized operation, it can be said that the Chinese team on the road ahead, a step forward. (generation of Cologne)相关的主题文章:

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