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The first set of Xiamen Overseas Airlines provide "good trip precedent" – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) China mainland universities first overseas Campus — the first batch of students at the Xiamen University in Malaysia China, 20 aboard Xiamen Airlines flight MF823, officially opened in Malaysia. This is the integration of various resources of Xiamen Airlines Air ground, dedicated to Xiamen to the "perfect" tour theme customization flight. Xiamen Malaysia branch staff Zhang Wenyu in Xiamen airport terminal departure hall told Beijing reporters, said that this year, for the first time through the college entrance examination enrolls 440 students in 14 provinces in mainland Chinese, they will date from 20 to 23, in five batches on Xiamen Airlines flight to Malaysia, accompanied by 6 a teacher accompanying. "There are so many students travel, Xiamen Airlines flight customization, really convenient for a lot." She said. Photo by Yang Fushan from Henan Anyang in a Wu Jiaru, ShaHang in the help of the staff soon for good registration. She told reporters that she had come for Xiamen Wallace of their favorite professional, because of poor scores a point, to obtain Xiamen Malaysia branch accounting professional. "This is a great professional, Xiamen" surprises for her. She told reporters, she accompanied her parents came to Xiamen, worried for her to fly to Malaysia, today came to the airport to see so many alumni staff Xiamen Xiamen Airlines provide intimate help, there are so many teachers and students travel company, has become a useless worry. In the airport departure hall, reporters found that Xiamen Airlines staff in addition to the usual chest wearing a name tag, a badge – the Xiamen University. Xiamen Airlines told reporters, the staff are wearing Xiamen badge is ShaHang in Xiamen University Graduates work. At the check-in counter, they patiently set for luggage Shidishimei protective cover hanging Xiamen Airlines customized luggage; at the gate, their enthusiasm and students interaction, photo memories. Photo by He Sheng Xiamen Airlines deputy general manager Cai Castle told reporters, every year, mostly for Xiamen Xiamen Airlines transport a large number of outstanding graduates, the graduates in Xiamen University Xiamen Airlines staff has reached 1050 people, and gradually grow into various positions on the professional backbone, more nearly 100 become senior management personnel. This is the first time to usher in Chinese Xiamen University Malaysia campus students, in order to go to exotic classmates left precious memories, Xiamen Xiamen Airlines with elements of all aspects of the space to elaborate packaging design, a series of exclusive custom service dedicated to creating the theme of Xiamen University, Xiamen University graduates also specially selected as the flight crew. Xiamen Airlines said that the flight arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Xiamen Airlines Kuala Lumpur office also coordinated the local immigration office opened the exclusive channel, and Xiamen University Malaysia campus in the first batch of students held a welcoming ceremony for the airport. Xiamen University and Xiamen Airlines is two "golden name card" in Xiamen City, both for Xiamen’s economic construction and social progress to make important contribution. In July 29, 2013, the two sides formally signed an agreement to form a strategic partner in the war相关的主题文章:

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