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Fifteen Department of comprehensive investigation P2P networks credit risk — the rule of Law — original title: suspected of engaging in illegal fund-raising campaign and will pursue criminal liability the CBRC and other fifteen departments jointly issued today "P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), a comprehensive investigation of P2P network (hereinafter referred to as net loan lending the establishment of the net loan risk) risk, special rectification work leading group, on suspicion of illegal fund-raising and other illegal violations, which will be severely hit, resolutely implement the market exit, and pursue the administrative criminal responsibility according to law. Net loan risk events frequent CBRC relevant person in charge of the development of net loan in recent years, fast, partial, chaos to sum up. The official said, fast is the scale of growth too fast. "Partial" business innovation is deviated from the normal track, at present, most of the net loan institutions from the information intermediary position nature, alienation as credit intermediary exists, protect themselves from the financial, illegal lending, set up the pool of funds, time resolution, a large number of offline marketing behavior; "chaos" is "volume" and "run away" etc.. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of June 2016, the national total of more than 1700 sales platform, some institutions of different forms of investment products, the subscription threshold and appropriate requirements of investors to avoid the related financial products, evade supervision at the same time increase the risk communication; some institutions even through the false targets, the pool of funds and high income and other means to touch the bottom line of illegal fund-raising. Net loan industry hidden risks and hazards, such as not timely and effective governance and containment, will cause serious harm to the industry and society. To carry out the net loan industry special rectification, to prevent the spread of industry risk, deviate from the correct track, promote the industry to clean up the industry to get to the root, an evil member of the herd. One of a policy classification regulation overall, in specific operations, the special rectification is divided into three stages: the stage of diagnostic investigation, find out the base; classification and disposal stage, do one of a policy; acceptance stage, the CBRC will work with relevant departments timely to each of the special rectification work supervision and evaluation etc.. According to the implementation of the program, the focus of remediation work is to punish and ban Internet companies online or offline over the scope of the net loan business, to carry out illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities in the name of net loan. Classification and disposal standards to the central bank in 2015 on "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking and related regulatory requirements as the main basis, clarifying five disposal standards: one is the qualitative net lending institutions to meet the information intermediary; two is the direct lending business in line with the standard; three is the business must not touch the "red line"; the four is to implement the lender and the borrower of funds third party custody requirements; five is complete, objective and timely information disclosure, and compliance with network security facilities. For sound management, standardized operation, no violation of the relevant laws and regulations compliance institutions, to encourage compliance and development, the implementation of ongoing supervision, supervision to standardize the operation; the operation is not standardized, risk control problems, hit the "red line" rectification mechanism, to issue a rectification, rectification. Rectification is not in place, ordered to continue rectification or Amoy相关的主题文章:

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