The Explanation About The Occurrence Of Natural Disasters On 2012-adobe gamma

News-and-Society One of the most significant Nostradamus 2012 predictions is the occurrence of natural disasters that will destroy most of the living things on earth. However, there are also other explanations about the Nostradamus 2012 predictions. If you heard about the story of Noah and the Great Flood on the bible, they said that there are findings that this event actually happened in the past. Nostradamus said that a pla. known as Nibiru will actually pass between Jupiter and Mars and will be close to Earth between 2010 and 2012. The prediction stated that it is the reason why the Great Flood occurred in the past. It is said that there are interruptions on the solar flow that caused climate change, massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If you will look closely, the prediction made Nostradamus for December 21, 2012 was based on the events in the Bible. If Nostradamus actually predict them based on the predictions of the bible, then it is possible that he read about the prediction on the Revelations. It is said that the Earth will not be destroyed by water again but it will be destroyed with fire. It directly contradicts the possibility of having a second great flood on 2012. There are no other details mentioned about this but most of the experts believe that there is no chance for this to happen. The fact that different predictions all pointed on December 21, 2012 may mean that the predictions may actually be true. You cannot tell something this big to be just a coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence when almost all the predictions pointed on a single point in time. Experts said that people must take these predictions seriously because there is a possibility that one of these predictions is true. Also, the predictions made by ancient civilizations and prophets like Nostradamus accurately predicted some of the most important parts of the History of the world. Aside from total annihilation of the human race, Nostradamus also predicted that the Earth will be reborn and the civilization will advance faster. It is said that he based his predictions on the previous events that happened to Earth. After the Great flood and the ice age, the civilization advanced further. It means that after a cataclysmic event, a new age will occur. On the other hand, the Mayans and Aztec calendars both predicted the end of the Age of Pisces. The end of the Great Cycle was said to be the end of the dark era and the next age will be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. There are a lot of versions about the possible events that will occur on 2012. Until now, there are no clear conclusions about this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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