The European pre qualification odds are 1 team That’s final. Portugal top insurance pretty rhythm

The European pre qualification odds: Portugal has 1 top insurance team That’s final. C Ronaldo Portugal led European Cup shine Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers group phase second round war has been in the morning today, the G group focus game in Italy and Spain to shake hands, each get 1 points and the team also ranked Albania super. Tomorrow morning, Portugal France, Holland and Belgium will be out at the same time, they can get access to top the group? The same group of qualifying situation will be how? How to buy [World Cup? Look at the prediction results of intelligent][1 single head cannon! +5 fold recharge money!] the European pre B champion & eventually the top two list of your odds for the European Championship in Portugal in the first round away 0 2 lost to Switzerland, now only accept group B bottom identity embarrassment. This is obviously not their real strength to reflect, after all they battle to carry the flag C roin injured. The current rule is that the world will be the first team in the pre – 2018 World Cup qualifying, the top 8 teams will enter the second round of the additional round of qualifying. According to a mainstream Gambling company out of the group B Championship odds and final top two odds, Portugal still narrowly ahead of qualifying in Switzerland, seems to have been That’s final. things, but probably also need to top the C Luo recovery. In France the European Cup against Iceland and Portugal in group F game for 0-0 and Hungary group game only ranked 111st in the world of the Faroe Islands first round draw, the odds have been two off. The European pre A champion & final top two list of the French team relies on odds Gregory, Pogba Saltzman and Kanter the younger generation of growth, the national team is steadily rising, the European Cup is to witness the defeat of the German team. Now in the A group can threaten their only Holland and sweden. There is a certain strength in the face of Bulgaria, the mainstream Gambling company given his odds as low as 1.13, opened in the history of the same odds situation, 83.9% team all win, I believe the French mind has already been the three points set in. The Holland team in the European Cup qualifying stage out of regret the decline in the strength of the Holland team this summer even did not qualify for the finals of the European Cup, but the so-called thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, the same group of Bulgaria, Belarus and Luxemburg is also very difficult to pose a substantial threat. Even the Swedish team in the European Cup, leaving the bottom group and Ibrahimovic, won the top the group’s prospects also look bad. Under the premise of unity, luck has stood on the side of the orange jersey. The European pre H champion & under the final top two list odds reputation is hard to live, often to Belgium such a feeling. Since the October 2015 summit FIFA national team ranked first in Belgium since nearly 1 years did not fall out of the top 2 in the world. In a Zal, de Blau Hei and Courtois as the representative of the European Red Devils although the champion temperament lack, but the strength of nature can not be overlooked. Coupled with the H group and the remaining two teams only for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the strongest Greece, Belgium 1.01 of the top two teams odds have it all. But the face of home court of Bosnia and Herzegovina)相关的主题文章:

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