The electric car alarm into little nuisance anti-theft function seaway

Electric car alarm has become "a few days not disturbing" anti-theft function, North Street West community residents uncle Liu’s spirit has been very poor, because the corridor has an electric car is too sensitive, as long as there is a little wind sways grass incessantly, and the old man can’t get a good rest. This is installed in electric car alarm to prevent theft, but in fact, not anti-theft alarm, has become a source of noise nuisance. The "alarm" disturbing uncle Liu live in the North Street is a high-rise residential area upstairs, because no storage shed, the building tenants generally take electric vehicle propulsion corridor. Two days ago, I do not know whether the alarm is too sensitive or malfunction, an electric car alarm often unprovoked alarm, regardless of day and night. Uncle Liu sleep very light, electric car alarm sound often wake him up. Just two days later, he really can not stand, the electric car owners complain, the owner was good, immediately removed the alarm. Taiyuan dormitory residents Chen Daniang and uncle Liu facing the same trouble, but has been unable to solve. Chen aunt lived in the area next to the shed for storing shed, with hundreds of electric cars, often staged "chorus". Especially in the morning and evening peak hours, the shed as long as people do not People are hurrying to and fro., be careful with it, the electric car alarm is ringing, sometimes under the thunderstorm, a lot of mine car will alarm, Chen Daniang has repeatedly to shed the administrator to reflect this, but have not been able to find a good solution. In recent days, the reporter on the matter in some communities to do a survey, many residents are upset. Xiyuan community residents, Ms. Wang said, the first two days, she just learned to walk the children downstairs to play, the child was just near an electric car, the alarm sounded, scared the child fell on the. Cheng Village East community residents Zhang said, lunch time downstairs electric cars often alarm, noisy people simply can not rest. Many residents reflect the psychological comfort, the role of electric car alarm is not large, many owners have chosen to install in a psychological comfort. Taiyuan resident Chen Daniang said she had observed over a period of time in the District, found that the electric car alarm sound, almost no owner will see downstairs, and a lot of electric car alarm sound similar or even the same, the owners voice alone can not judge is not his own car in distress". At noon yesterday, the reporter made an experiment in mining community. In a residential downstairs parked a total of 7 electric cars, the reporter approached one by one touch, of which the 3 electric car alarm sound. Reporters then observed that after about half an hour, and no owners downstairs to see, did not see someone open the window to see. Wait until the owner to push the car to leave, the reporter approached asked one by one, one of the owners said did not hear the alarm sound, one owner said after hearing the alarm at home across the glass to look, one owner said after hearing the alarm did not care. According to reporters understand, about 40% electric vehicles equipped with an alarm, but most owners said, because the alarm is of high sensitivity, nine out of ten are false positives, so generally do not care about the alarm. Proposed removal of the front mounted on the electric car相关的主题文章:

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