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The driver down to take a mobile phone hit the sanitation workers abandoned the vehicle and escape the surrender (Figure) Qingdao morning news Huangdao man Liu when driving down to take a mobile phone, the vehicle will be out of control, riding a tricycle hit the sanitation workers Liu old man go out five or six meters, causing Liu old man died on the spot. Liu abandoned the vehicle and left the scene after the alarm, the next day Liu surrendered, but is still considered a hit and run. Yesterday, Liu was Huangdao police criminal detention. Sanitation workers killed in November 8th around 2:30 in the afternoon, Huangdao traffic police brigade received a man police said he drove Wang Zhen in six people injured, the injured injury is serious, need treatment. Police quickly arrived at the scene to see a plate of Lu B× × × E8 Elantra sedan hit signal pole, a tricycle sandwiched between the car and the railing, has been severely deformed, wearing a sanitation workers overalls old man lying at a distance of five or six meters away from the scene of the accident. 120, the medical examination, has died, the driver had left the scene. The second day at 8 in the morning, the driver Liu to Huangdao Traffic Police Brigade accident department of surrender. Get down to take a mobile phone according to Liu explained that in November 8th, about 2:25 in the afternoon, he drove the Elantra sedan traveling from north to south along the S329 line to six Wang Zhen Qian Wang Cun Dong six, placed in the passenger seat on the mobile phone suddenly rang, Liu did not slow down to take the mobile phone, and when he looked up again. The car has been found, slipped into the right lane, a tricycle in the front of the car driving. When Liu has to stop directly against the tricycle to go out more than 30 meters, and rushed to the road on the west side of the ditch, until the top of signal lamp pole on the roadside on the stop. Riding a tricycle on the spot of the sanitation workers thrown five or six meters on the ground. Under pressure to surrender the Elantra sedan front windshield front hood became reduced to fragments, the shape, the airbag opened, Liu feel chest pain, the head was also injured. Liu suddenly panic, quickly get off to see, found that the sanitation workers lying on the ground motionless, he was afraid, and quickly left the scene. Liu ran to my site, with someone else’s mobile phone and call the police. That night, Liu psychological pressure is great, he considered that the police will soon find themselves, so the second day choose to surrender. The police learned that Liu, a 39 year old, who lives in Huangdao District of Zhuhai street; Liu hit and killed the old man who lives six Wang town of Huangdao District, is a 65 year old local sanitation workers. After the departure of the alarm is still escape Liu said he was found at the time of the incident, and I was very scared, so he abandoned the vehicle and left the scene, that he take the initiative to the car in the field, but also the police, should not be regarded as "hit and run". Police said, according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" article seventieth, traffic accidents on the road, the driver shall immediately stop the vehicle and protect the scene; causes human casualties, the vehicle driver shall immediately rescue the injured, and promptly report to the traffic administrative department of the public security organ or the traffic police service. Where the injured person is changed, the location shall be indicated. Liu left the scene, neither suffer.相关的主题文章:

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