The discipline nine prohibited announcement-douke

The discipline "nine prohibited" notice to ensure the general work smooth, healthy and orderly development, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Agency, the central organization department proposed the "nine forbidden" discipline, is hereby announced. A prohibited to engage all cliques, gangs, cronyism, should be given disciplinary sanctions. Two, is strictly prohibited canvassing bribery, the democratic recommendation and election campaign, engage in canvassing and other non organizational activities, will be excluded from the candidate list or cancel candidate qualifications, and depending on the circumstances given disciplinary sanctions according to law, bribery. Participate in or help others canvassing votes, according to their canvassing bribery behavior in accordance with the regulations for processing. Three, prohibit buying and selling, to seek position adjustment and promotion for the purpose of bribe others or accept bribes, shall be suspended or removed, and in accordance with the law to deal with. Four, no official positions, to seek positions or remuneration pull relationship or blackmail and other means, will not be allowed to promote the use of. Five, is strictly prohibited to tamper, cheat fraud officer, forged cadres archive materials, shall be given disciplinary organization or processing of relevant personnel. Six, is strictly prohibited to intercede Hello, to say hello to others fengguanxuyuan or promoted to intercede, to secretly intervene subordinate cadre selection and appointment, should be recorded, if the circumstances are serious serious accountability. Seven, prohibited illegal use, the assault promoted the adjustment of cadres, cadres with super job number and in violation of the provisions of cadre selection procedures, shall be declared invalid, and depending on the circumstances given discipline or tissue processing of relevant personnel. Eight, is strictly prohibited to run air leak, the leak and diffusion involving general personnel arrangements and other confidential content, all persons responsible. Nine, no change of interference, rumors, false or nuisance to others freely exercising their right to vote, will be severely punished, transferred to judicial organs suspected of crimes.

党代会换届纪律“九严禁”公告   为保证换届工作平稳、健康、有序开展,中央纪委机关、中组部提出“九严禁”纪律要求,现予公告。   一、严禁拉帮结派,对搞团团伙伙、结党营私的,一律给予纪律处分。   二、严禁拉票贿选,对在民主推荐和选举中搞拉票、助选等非组织活动的,一律排除出人选名单或者取消候选人资格,并视情节给予纪律处分,贿选的依法处理。参与或帮助他人拉票贿选的,比照为自己拉票贿选的行为依法依规给予处理。   三、严禁买官卖官,对以谋取职务调整、晋升等为目的贿赂他人或者收受贿赂的,一律先停职或者免职,并依纪依法处理。   四、严禁跑官要官,对采取拉关系或者要挟等手段谋取职务或者职级待遇的,一律不得提拔使用。   五、严禁造假骗官,对篡改、伪造干部档案材料的,一律对相关人员给予组织处理或者纪律处分。   六、严禁说情打招呼,对搞封官许愿或者为他人提拔重用说情打招呼的,对私自干预下级干部选拔任用的,一律记录在案,情节严重的严肃追究责任。   七、严禁违规用人,对突击提拔调整干部、超职数配备干部和违反规定程序选拔任用干部的,一律宣布无效,并视情节对相关人员给予纪律处分或组织处理。   八、严禁跑风漏气,对泄露、扩散涉及换届人事安排等保密内容的,一律追究相关人员责任。   九、严禁干扰换届,对造谣、诬告他人或者妨害他人自由行使选举权的,一律严厉查处,涉嫌违法犯罪的移送司法机关处理。相关的主题文章:

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