The current situation of film and television screenwriter team creation from life to market – China

The film screenwriter team present situation creation out of life guided by the market – Beijing [] to observe "many do not watch the film and television works are frequent, and even the audience" while chasing side scold, watching the strange scene while spit ", a good script shortage led the industry to" IP "the blind pursuit of holding…… In China’s film and television industry scale expansion of the moment, the quality of film and television works have not been improved accordingly. Some of the works of art is not high, although by virtue of the topic, the star and other commercial elements to obtain a temporary public opinion and economic interests, but the whole society of the film and television industry confidence. When the fanaticism cooling, the bubble faded, the audience’s discontent gradually surfaced, the first to bear the brunt is as a drama of the creative group – screenwriter. Screenwriter original landslide, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the whole industry prosperity. What happened to the writers in China? To this end, the reporter interviewed a number of practitioners, from immature to senior employees in the industry, known to critics, whether through a different perspective on the industry. Team: 23 year old dragons and fishes jumbled together, fight the enemy separately Xiaojiang profess freedom occupation, but most of the time in writing the script. In the film and television circles, such a lot of young people, and ultimately be able to get the signature in the work of the broadcast was very few. With respect to tens of thousands of ‘little screenwriter’, and now there is indeed a large number of writers screenwriter signed a large number of qualified writers. They tend to be in charge of the Bureau, and the specific writing may have to rely on the following people. However, their income is we can not compare." Xiaojiang said, opened a corner of the screenwriter industry rules of the iceberg. In addition to a few well-known screenwriter, most of the work of young writers with the nature of the work. They contribute to the wisdom of the team members, in order to stand out, but a lot of rights can not be guaranteed." China Film Association Secretary General Rao Shuguang told reporters. This phenomenon is closely related to the dramatic changes in the film and television industry in the past more than and 10 years. China Film Literature Association honorary vice president Zhao Baohua introduced, in twentieth Century 80s and 90s, the Beijing Film Studio, film, and other large studios are equipped with Changchun Department of literature, research topics of planning, organization, life fixed directional writers in-depth creative start. But since the new century, most of the literature department of studio was dissolved, many writers are pushed into the society, coordinated operations of the "regular army" into "stragglers and disbanded soldiers fight the enemy separately". At the same time, the traditional film industry scale expanding year after year, network drama, movies and other emerging network network literary style has also grown up rapidly, the market demand of the writer’s increasingly strong, the number of professional writers in the short term is difficult to achieve rapid growth, coupled with the screenwriter industry access threshold is low, resulting in a large influx of outsiders, cause the writer team uneven in quality pattern. One of the characteristics of the current group of writers is’ miscellaneous’, the appeal of different groups may be different." Chinese film literature association secretary general Wang Hailin said that many of the newcomers amateur writers anxious, impetuous attitude, often in order to fight for a chance to become cheap labor. The consequences of ignoring the rights and interests, is the writers in arrears of royalties, copyright, infringement of the right of signature phenomenon is)相关的主题文章:

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