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Liar posing as thesis tutor, Zhongshan University students cheated more than 50 thousand yuan – new net "come to my office", you think the phone is the author of the paper adviser, in fact, he is a big liar. At the beginning of the University season, the fraudsters were eyeing the ivory tower students, and at least four students in Zhongshan University recently had been cheated by an unfamiliar phone call to my office, and the economic loss amounted to more than 50 thousand yuan. In 23, the size of @ guards through micro-blog news release: these two days, Zhongshan University 4 fraud, the number of college student cheated 14000 yuan; geographical planning a man cheated 15000 Yuan Bo; Institute of technology, a Junior Girl cheated 14500 yuan; the Institute of Archaeology of girls being cheated 12000 yuan; all received the phone to strangers my office ", thought to be a teacher, then borrow money. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau anti telecommunications fraud center introduced, in February 23rd has received a number of college students have been accused of fraud as a police fraud. In this kind of police situation, the fraudsters usually pretend to be the teachers of the paper to call the victim and ask them to meet him in the office for second days. The next day, in the name of "supervisor", he claimed to be discussing with the leader, and needed to transfer to the leader, asking the victim to assist in the remittance. Some students were transferred to the bank account provided by the other party because of the low vigilance. City Public Security Bureau anti telecommunications fraud center reminded: in daily life, for unknown phone, SMS to do "do not listen, do not believe, do not transfer, do not transfer money, not callback."". Before the transfer, ask yourself whether to verify the identity of the other party, or a virtual question to ask each other, if the other party can not answer or answer wrong, it is likely to be a liar. (reporter Xu Jing)

骗子冒充论文导师 中山大学学生被骗5万多元-中新网   “到我办公室来一趟”,你以为电话中的对方是论文指导老师,其实他是大骗子。大学开学季到来,诈骗分子又盯上了象牙塔的大学生,中山大学最近至少有四位学生接到“到我办公室来一趟”的陌生电话后被骗,经济损失达5万多元。   @中大小卫士23日通过微博发布消息:这两天,中山大学4宗诈骗,数计院某男生被骗14000元;地理规划一男博被骗15000元;理工学院一大三女生被骗14500元;考古学院女生被骗12000元;都是接到陌生电话“到我办公室来一趟”,误认为是某导师,然后被借钱汇款。   据广州市公安局反电信诈骗中心介绍,2月23日已接到多起高校学生被人冒充导师诈骗的警情。该类警情中,诈骗分子通常冒充论文指导老师致电事主,要求其第二天到办公室见面。次日,再以“导师”名义声称正与领导座谈,需转账给领导为由,要求事主协助汇款,个别学生由于警惕性不高,直接将款项转到对方提供的银行账户。   市公安局反电信诈骗中心提醒:在日常生活中,对于不明电话、短信要做到“不听、不信、不转账、不汇款、不回拨”。转账前,要问自己是否核实清楚对方的身份,也可虚拟一个问题询问对方,如果对方答不出来或回答有误,那极有可能是骗子。(记者徐静)相关的主题文章:

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