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The couple in the tunnel in the sleeping child car high-speed car before opening two days of the original title: Holiday Highway 4 bestie parking embarrassed thing playing mahjong in late September 30th 10, highway two detachment four brigade in a car parked in the parking of Motianling tunnel gang that did not open the double flash, with a megaphone to the car to leave. But the car has no reaction. The law enforcement team to get off to see the car, including the driver a total of 4 women are using a mobile phone, iPad to play mahjong pipi, laughing bustling. The driver explained it is awkward, they are bestie, tours to the Wushan small Three Gorges scenic spot, 2 pm on the high-speed, late arriving at 9 Motianling tunnel more than 10 kilometers away from Wushan county. Sister a few discussions, the car parked in the tunnel, wait until after zero to enjoy free high-speed road. Idle boring, play mahjong pipi. For this to save a little bit of tolls on the road traffic safety at the expense of the natural behavior, corresponding punishment: a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 3 points. The tunnel couples playing car shock in October 1st 13, and the highway tunnel, law enforcement officers found a tarpaulin covering the car parked in the emergency lane. See a child opened a tarpaulin, sleeping in the passenger seat, back a couple stay naked. After investigation, the car is a family, to travel to Fengjie, Wushan, traveling to the people and the tunnel, the children want to go to bed to sleep, the couple parked in the emergency parking lane. In order to reduce the noise, and the hood ride in the car. When the child is asleep, the couple moved to the rear…… Law enforcement officers to carry out safety education for the couple, illegal parking, take emergency Lane behavior punished. 24 hours hot news: Liaoning provincial Party Committee Organization Department bulletin   Liaoning notified 2 cases of violation of the provisions of the eight   Shenyang 3 suspected Gongjusiyong organs car Dalian Changhai County, former county committee is double   Liaoning new 2 National Ocean Park in Yingkou province is 22   resume public bus reform subsidy standard twelve party   member of the Standing Committee of Dandong municipal Party Committee Standing Committee of the twelve session of the list;   Liaoning informed the 37 typical cases of damage to the interests of the masses of northeast tour bus collided with a large truck 4 Dead 20 injured men lower body was more than 4 hours with a strong magnet field comparable to female college students sexual self delivered   Harbin Dalian high speed bursts of 5 car accident crash   her disgrace a small dinosaur model of northeast Park 3 explosion woman flying   from the 14 floor bombing; Liaoning basket preseason Guo Ailun on the sidelines to eat bar Lollipop   Liao Olympic champion Malone girlfriend Liaoning fishing vessels in Bohai killed 5 people in distress   the northeast new marriage scene with crane firecrackers   housing; women have sex with the person car parked police opened high-speed emergency cover tarpaulin found naked men and women   two Shenyang street car collided head-on tragic three people trapped couple high-speed car the child was sleeping   Northeast man raped 15 year old girl later taken to the Shanghai toll station parking downtown road prostitution相关的主题文章:

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