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The Chinese press is Mebon or because of the dismissal of the future may return to the Karen F1 Abu Dhabi qualifying Hamilton won the pole small Chinese press strategy controversial Tencent in November 29th 2016 sports season F1 Grand Prix has ended, but around a series of story ending station also has just kicked off. Because in the game "press" behavior, Hamilton may be the Mercedes team suspended punishment, the British media even said Hamilton may therefore be fired by Mercedes. A replay of the event before the young Chinese race press conference has said he is "disdain" by pressure tactics, but in the game he is a completely different picture. In the final stage of the game, Hamilton’s press intention is very clear, his purpose is to let the other behind the opponent to catch up on battle with Rosberg, benefit from their own. Although the Mercedes team repeatedly on the radio urged him to enhance the speed, but the Chinese are ignored, which makes Rosberg once felt great pressure. Although Hamilton ultimately could not change the outcome of the championship, but caused a great controversy in the game, the Ferrari driver Vettel Hamilton bluntly "despicable", while Hamilton insists its strategy completely conform to the rules. The Chinese press was pressed or due to the dismissal of Hamilton Mercedes act undoubtedly feel some dissatisfaction with Mercedes senior, if Rosberg really lose the champion, lost absolutely is the face of Mercedes. The team leader Wolf after the game about this scene when he said: "at that time, I have a little sense of schizophrenia, everyone should obey the rules of the team, that is we have today performance guarantee, but I also understand Hamilton situation at that time, so my heart is very contradictory. The situation was that we could lose the game, so we decided to intervene, and Hamilton decided to ignore it." The team director Nicky Lauda said: "we will try everything as drivers within the scope of the rules, but you must respect your teammates." After the British media first exposed, Hamilton is likely due to their behavior by Mercedes internal suspension, and even view, Mercedes can advance the termination of Hamilton to the 2018 season contract, replaced in the next season’s. Only Red Bull support Hamilton Hamilton’s approach almost identical criticism in the paddock, many voices that this is indeed not only support the team Red Bull brilliance, the initiator of evil Hamilton. Red Bull leader Horner Hamilton before the game is "weapon" should the press, he said after the game: "at the time of the environment should allow the driver to handle, Mercedes asked Hamilton to speed it is naive, because Hamilton’s tactics is completely legal, there is no reason to criticize the world champion, he completely match at within the rules. His behavior is not dirty at all, he does not violate the rules." The Red Bull driver Vista Pam also said he would choose to do that: "I know that Lewis was doing that to us."相关的主题文章:

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