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The Chinese medicine cupping three mistakenideas (Information Service Station) – Gansu channel: original title: Chinese medicine cupping three mistakenideas (Information Service Station) by cupping is instantaneous combustion in the tank using alcohol, will burn out the air in the tank, the formation of negative pressure tank, which can be adsorbed on the surface, usually rich parts of the muscle. The cupping process can promote the local blood circulation, accelerate and promote the recovery of sports fatigue, The new supersedes the old., even the treatment of soft tissue injury. China-Japan Friendship Hospital Acupuncture Department Director Li Shiliang and the doctor in Warsong said, cupping therapy has a long history in China, people of Chinese cupping have three big misunderstanding. — whether all are suitable for cupping? No The clinical bleeding tendency, disease, edema, damaged skin ulcers in patients not suitable for cupping, too thin friends I did not enjoy the blessing of cupping, because muscle is too thin will lead to the adsorption tank. In addition, the vascular distribution and scar and other parts are not suitable for cupping. — cupping is too long? No Some patients have a lot of local cupping blisters, they said it was pulled out of the "dampness", seems to have enjoyed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, this is actually a long time cupping caused by separation of epidermis and dermis, is not recommended, especially in summer, once the bubble burst, it is very easy to cause the infection. — cupping purple printed? This is a misunderstanding. This print is purple cupping appeared: when will attract negative pressure cupping resulted in a rapid increase in blood perfusion, leading to the regional vascular rapid passive expansion, the expansion of blood vessels are small capillaries, older people or lack of exercise, the body surface of the capillary fragility may increase. In this way, when the blood quickly poured in, it will cause a part of the capillary rupture, leading to subcutaneous bleeding, which is the truth of the formation of purple. Therefore, there is no Purple Print should go with the flow, it does not matter, but do not have to pursue the purple. This kind of mark will be dissipated in a week or so. In addition, cupping indoor must pay attention to keep warm, so as not to catch a cold, and that patients do not move the position, so as not to fall off the tank. At the same time, cupping should always observe the patient’s condition, such as pain or discomfort, should immediately adjust the negative pressure or re adsorption tank. If the conditions permit, we should try to go to the hospital to seek professional help, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment safely and effectively. (AP) (commissioning editor Tong Wang and Shao Lan)相关的主题文章:

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