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China drama spread in Burma features – the media – source: "Western Journal" in 2016 8 editor’s note: This article is in literature and art as the carrier of cross-cultural communication. In the face of literary and art circles, spread it "can change history" is justified: Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Zhu Geliang and marsh one hundred single will be eight artistic image has been rooted in people’s heart, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Zhu Geliang, historical figures and the true face of Song Jiang, Yan Qingshi has only its historical facts but few people know not only is far greater than the effect of communication of literature, history books, and the audience is obviously beyond the infection spread news to the audience told the effect. As a result, the research on the dissemination of cultural information, such as movies and TV plays, is also an important part of the contents of my magazine. China culture in the form of literature and art in the overseas dissemination, not only to build the country and promote the ideal bridge of friendship, has become China’s culture to an important step in the world, Enze from afar, it carries the images of China will become more in-depth in all corners of the world, will also China culture contains China diligent and intelligent people honest, pure and thick, eliminate evil, good neighborly and friendly virtue of traditional transmission countries, to help people understand the real world China. This paper studies the academic value of this is unique in its topic also show yan! This print ad hoc "column" cross cultural communication to build a platform for the study of this aspect, for academic experts, industry experts actively cigao. Abstract: Burma is a friendly neighbor of Chinese. In Burma, the spread of Chinese TV shows, both martial arts drama and court drama, including modern family drama, showing a variety of trends, but also face competition, Chinese TV drama need to strengthen their competitive advantage. Key words: Chinese drama; Burma; martial arts drama; modern drama classification number: G125 document code: A article number: CN61-1487- (2016) 08-2-0051-04 and Chinese adjacent to the northeast of Burma, and in the implementation of "the key point China Belt and Road Initiative". The cultural exchanges between the two countries long. Said the ambassador of Burma as the first ambassador Wu Mindeng presented his credentials: "the ocean had frequent contact with the outside world Burma cut off many years, but when the Chinese between and Burma from already forgotten, as early as along a road there is a flourishing trade…… Not only exchanged valuable goods, but also exchanged precious ideas and ideas." In July 2013, Burma’s first by Burmese dub Chinese TV series "golden wolf happy life" in the Burma state television (MRTV) of the channel, every Thursday and Friday aired an episode, time to 8 primetime 7 p.m.. [1] the play has also become the first Burmese Language broadcast in Burma foreign drama. In Burma, television is mainly divided into two kinds of public and private, the public broadcasters have two: one is the Burma Information Department of Burma radio and TV station (Myanmar Radio and Television, referred to as MRTV); another is the TATMADAW TV broadcasters (Tatmadaw Teleca)相关的主题文章:

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