The car Ma Yungang waved goodbye to the electricity supplier, which flew from the van to play full r sugus

The car Ma Yungang waved goodbye to the electricity supplier, Zhexiang fifast play full retail Sohu in the world of science and technology seems to have no what can not be subversive, even when most people think impossible Trump all was elected president of the United States, even on the rise of electricity providers Ma announced the "farewell to e-commerce", whether it is new or retail the whole retail proposed, marked the integration of online and offline business will become the core of Chinese next stage of development, this year’s double 11, will be the first turning point of commercial entities launched a counter attack? One day this year, the ultimate showdown double 11 will be staged, various retail giants are stepping up the sprint double eleven retail battle triggered at any moment. In fact, this year 11 from the outset pocketed everyone’s eye, along with the rise of Chinese Internet economy in recent years, 11 double influence is more and more big, so this time has become the undisputed largest social hot. This reflects the electricity supplier from a side of the economy in the hearts of the people, as well as the huge influence of electricity supplier business giants. However, although the double 11 is more and more popular, the pattern is not immutable and frozen, even from the beginning of this year is brewing and began to change, the people the impression that the double 11, electronic commerce and the existing electric business competition maybe in a few years will become completely different another like… This is not… But tell some fantastic tales. Decreed by fate, and more and more obvious. The entity counter attack, the electricity supplier will go online and offline full integration of the trend of the industry is already much discussed, but this year seems to have occurred in a single fruits fall off when ripe, in recent months is a landmark event on the three parts: first, Ma announced that the term "electronic commerce" may soon be Alibaba will no longer be eliminated, provided the term "electronic commerce" from next year, Ali will turn to the main "retail", what is "new retail"? In fact, the line of logistics high integration plus application of big data cloud computing Internet financial, construction and business enabler of Ali to do future commercial infrastructure; the second is the double 11 greatly this year to Ali to the line, do three-dimensional double 11, double 11 during the line of claims open the shop will be more than 100, nearly 10 of thousands of stores to implement digital; third, Wanda’s fifast online under the open double 11 second battlefield, flying where the business alliance called its 6000+ entity and the more than 50 thousand brands jointly launched the "full retail Carnival fifast 11 day national mad Shopping Festival, red star business group, BBK group, Wumart group and other well-known business group and Wanda Wanda Plaza hundred nationwide joint action in fifast" crazy shopping festival ", an unprecedented, lively Fei fan". Four years ago, Ali Ma and Wanda Wang Jianlin had a classic game, betting on e-commerce really can replace the traditional physical retail, but four years later, two richest Shututonggui, to the integration of online and offline, no mention of a "electronic commerce" to engage in "new retail." a full support under the "entity + Internet" fifast open platform expansion, promote full retail". This marks the development of business between giants has been.相关的主题文章:

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