The building was covered with scaffolding took the opportunity to climb into the theft of households-jiqingwuyuetian

Outside the building is full of scaffolding during the thief climb into the theft of Wenzhou city took the opportunity to station road renovation project of households, a thief climbed on residents outside the building scaffolding burglary. Yesterday, I heard a teacher Bo Li was detained by Lucheng police. This is: outside the building covered with scaffolding, they took the opportunity to climb; three families was a thief, to pay close attention to the matter! In the early morning of October 27th, there were 3 burglaries in the 3 and 5 floors of a residential building on Hong Kong Avenue station. Wenzhou Lucheng District Public Security Bureau Hung Temple police station after two days of continuous video tracking, on the evening of 1 this month, the City Shuangyu a business hotel, Lee successfully arrested. Subsequently, the police in Lee’s temporary residence seized 3 laptop computers, tablet computers 1, the victim ID card, the victim’s bank card and other stolen goods. The police told the teacher Bo, Lee refused to confess after the arrest of the facts of the crime, but because of evidence, the police yesterday morning "zero confession" Li detention. According to the understanding of the primary teacher, houses located near downtown Station Road overpass dawn, because of the comprehensive renovation of the station is currently on the road, building facade renovation and upgrading (expected to be completed before the end of the year), and on the outside of the building is full of scaffolding, Lee is climbing upstairs by this crime. Here, teacher Bo reminded the residents along the road, during the renovation, pay attention to lock doors and windows, strengthen prevention.

楼外布满脚手架 小贼借机爬入住户家中盗窃温州市区车站大道整治工程期间,有小贼竟爬上居民楼外的脚手架入户盗窃。昨天,老师伯听说小贼李某被鹿城警方刑拘了。这正是:楼外布满脚手架,偷儿借机来攀爬;三户人家遭了贼,亡羊补牢抓紧啦!10月27日凌晨,市区洪殿车站大道某住宅楼3楼、5楼连续发生3起入户盗窃案件。温州鹿城区公安分局洪殿派出所民警经过连续两天的视频跟踪,于本月1日晚,在市区双屿某商务宾馆内,将李某成功抓获。随后,民警在李某的暂住处查获了手提电脑3部、平板电脑1部、受害人身份证、受害人银行卡等赃物。经办民警告诉老师伯,李某落网后拒不交代犯罪事实,不过因证据确凿,警方于昨天上午将“零口供”的李某刑拘。据老师伯了解,案发的民宅位于市区车站大道黎明立交桥附近,因车站大道综合整治工程,近期正在对沿线建筑立面改造与优化提升(预计在年底前完工),而案发楼外布满脚手架,李某就是借此攀爬上楼作案。在这里,老师伯提醒道路沿线居民,整治期间注意反锁门窗,加强防范。相关的主题文章:

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