The 8 year old man selling vegetables when sanitation for 7 years to repay 460 thousand son died homefront

The 8 year old man selling vegetables when sanitation for 7 years to repay 460 thousand son died in the original title for 7 years to pay uncle Wang Xiaoxian son died in Yuhuan County Longxi Hua Yan Pu Cun 80 year old Taizhou city in Zhejiang province 460 thousand do 3 jobs — vegetables, stall selling vegetables, when the sanitation workers. 11 years ago, in order to cure his son, Wang borrowed $460 thousand. After his son’s death, a geriatric disease when he played a "workaholic", with 7 years to pay off the debt. Wang Xiaoxian has four daughters and one son. 2005, 32 year old son married after a few years, was diagnosed with uremia. 3 years later, his son died, Wang Xiaoxian calculations: to cure his son, the family owed a debt of $460 thousand. Creditors are not relatives is folks, we see Wang Xiaoxian outliving days, miserable, who also didn’t discuss the debt. But Wang Xiaoxian said that these were the sons of life-saving money, but also relatives and friends of hard-earned money, and then tired again, I have to repay." That year, Wang Xiaoxian 72 years old, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, his wife Zhang and flowers are perennial medication. When peers at home care, he became a "workaholic" — to earn money to repay debts. The village of three households heard about his troubles, the 5 acres of land to lend him free. Wang Xiaoxian, a Chinese cabbage, cauliflower and other seasonal vegetables every day, picking vegetables, sent to the market for sale. 5 years ago, the village cleaning shortage of manpower, Wang Xiaoxian became the oldest sanitation workers. The day before the light went out to sweep the floor, lap down to two hours. After Saul, away one hundred or two hundred pounds of garbage, three or four in the afternoon and have to sweep the second times. He can receive more than 1000 yuan monthly salary. Every day, Wang Xiaoxian is as busy as a top. Recently he was hospitalized 23 days high blood sugar coma, some vegetables rot in the ground. Home 4 days later, he took out a hoe. "These 7 years, we even dream of thinking about the debt, and sometimes dream of money paid off, the heart relaxed." His wife Zhang and flowers, said the couple has been looking forward to, to pay off debt. As long as there is a little money, Wang Xiaoxian immediately sent to pay the debt, a debt is often several times to pay off. Last year, the village land acquisition, Wang Xiaoxian got 80 thousand yuan compensation, catch up with the last few days before the Spring Festival debt. Today, the debt of a light, Wang Xiaoxian to give himself a little minus minus – 3 acres of land. However, he was still in the village sanitation workers, vegetables are still selling. He wants to take advantage of his own work, save some money. Grandson began to work, her daughter in a new house, I do not want to burden them." Wang Xiaoxian said. According to "Taizhou Evening News" editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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