Tga2016 announced the award nomination watch pioneer into the annual game hot (video) misao

TGA2016 announced the nominations "watch the pioneer" game of the year into hot]The Game Awards [Abstract 2016 announced the winners of the game list, "uncharted 4" garnered 8 nominations, "watch the pioneer" received 6 nominations, while the "doom" had 5 nominations, "Go" is the dream elf treasure two nominations. By the well-known media people Geoff Keighley produced and hosted and funded The Game Awards known as the "game industry Oscar", the awards show, game producer, electronic athletics champion, celebrities and Hollywood celebrities will gather for the winners of the game to celebrate and enjoy the games of the world and the first show music performance. TGA game nominations announced "watch pioneer" Duel "mysterious sea 4" the award ceremony held once a year, this year is the third. The day before the The Game Awards announced the winners of the game list, 24 different categories of 63 games for the awards this year, including "uncharted 4" garnered 8 nominations, "watch the pioneer" received 6 nominations, while the "doom" had 5 nominations. Game of the year: "doom" "deep" pioneer "" "watch Titan heaven 2" "uncharted 4" best game: Blizzard EntertainmentDICEid SoftwardNaughty DogRespawn Entertainment: "best independent game" ultimate fire "flash: wanderer" "deep" "star dewdale Monogatari" "witness" best mobile and handheld game: "the Royal war" "Fire Emblem" "monster hunter G" "demon treasure can dream GO" "Severed" best script design: "see" the world "" deep fire "brother 3" "Oxenfree" "uncharted 4" best soundtrack: "battlefield 1" "doom" "" Rez "deep" infinite "Thumper" best performance: Alex Hernandez "Cissy Jones 3" brother "fire" Emily Rose 4 "Nolan North" uncharted waters 4 "mysterious" Ric H Sommer "Troy Baker" fire "uncharted 4:" best multiplayer game "battlefield 1" "war machine 4" "Overcooked" "watch" pioneer "Rainbow Six:" siege "Titan heaven 2" best art direction: "ABZU" "fire" "deep" to "watch" Feng "uncharted 4" best gaming game: "Counter Strike: Global offensive" "DOTA2" "hero alliance" "pioneer" and "Street Fighter 5" most influential game: "1979 Revolution", "Block" hood "," Orwell "," Sea Hero Quest "," That Dragon. Ck相关的主题文章:

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