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Tang Yan Liu Shishi Gao Yuanyuan was the same advocacy activities, who renamed yuan fan? Two days before the Sohu, the goddess star Tang Yan appeared at the Hongkong Shatin Racecourse, she appeared in the Twelfth "Sasa women’s silver bag day" ambassador. Many people may think about this particularly tall activity – Sasa women’s silver bag day full of curiosity, so I decided to start talking about the word from the horse racing culture in Hongkong. Women’s silver bag day (Ladies’Purse Day) from eighteenth Century in the UK women’s silver bag tournament for the first time women’s silver bag match on 1846 held in Hongkong, Hongkong is the oldest horse altar Championships, than the Hongkong Jockey Club was founded 38 years earlier! The early tradition is the event organizers will invite a socialite as guests of honor, she is responsible for after the game the wallet with a gold coin to win the horse jockey and horse owners and trainer to reward, twenty-one gold coins issued by the purse to jockey as a bonus, the horse was not required jockey collect bonuses, only the event exception. In addition, winning jockey and a bonus, it is noon with guests for lunch. Held the day women’s silver bag match "," silver bag is women’s day, the day will come and watch the most beautiful ladies wear their best clothes, with their own most love bags, wearing a hat. Although it is a club, but is a social party elite who, ladies have contests, because in the clothing to dress, so women each other PK the way it is transferred to the hat above can make a fuss, every time watching horse racing, ladies hat is also a scenery line. (see Audrey · Hepburn starred in the movie "will be on the inside of a quiet and modest Maiden", celebrity aristocracy dressed up to the jockey club scene look impressive, especially in every woman’s hat is play…) from 1971 onwards, the Hongkong jockey club began occupation, before this, Hongkong horse riding is part of normal university the amateur rider, part of the soldiers, and even the horse owner. After the start of occupation, all jockeys must be formal full-time professional jockeys, which makes to the amateur rider based women’s silver bag game was suspended until 1990 again. After 1990, the gold was changed to a commemorative gold coin of the Hongkong lunar new year. Each of the guests to watch the race at the time of admission, you can also get free from a game designer for a silver bag specially designed brooch, every year is not the same as the theme is not the same as the brooch. This year’s memorial brooch, designed by Hongkong famous jewelry designer Joanna Hui, concise lines outline the brooch in horse form. This brooch also is very distinctive, because of the limited number of on the spot to send out so far, so we will arrived early in order to get some brooch. 2015 – 2014 Gao Yuanyuan [Liu Shishi], who were the women’s silver bag day Ambassador] from the beginning of the year in 2005, women’s silver bag competition began to be affected by the women’s Bank of China on, 2013.相关的主题文章:

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