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The twins prize won’t be happy because of the number one. – in October 27, 2016, Sohu, for Mr. Wang (alias), was a very happy day in his life: he got twins. Wow! How happy is it to have twins?! Why aren’t you happy? Is it two pieces of gold? Value the male child only! No None of them! What’s the reason? Listen to me.   October 27th afternoon, the sky with rain, coincides with Sunday, is Shuangse Qiu 2016126 days as usual, Mr. Wang came to Shanxian County 37172530 lottery betting station to buy double chromosphere, look at him for a while to Shuangseqiu lottery distribution map, and then hit a 2 times Shuangseqiu 8+1 double votes. The salesman told Mr. Wang, now Shuangseqiu lottery center and the provincial centers are engaged in promotional activities, buy a duplex may have 15 million awards. Mr. Wang thought for a moment and said, "otherwise, one more."." Then, Mr. Wang also hit a 2 times double chromosphere 9+1 compound ticket, for what election blue, Mr. Wang said: "October activities, choose 10.". Don’t! Don’t! My lucky number is 12, and 12." The salesman said it could be a big prize this time. Mr. Wang said happily: "thank you for your remarks. If you win the prize tomorrow, I’ll buy you a big firecracker and give it a congratulation."!" Mr. Wang took a good two tickets to see for a while, after thinking, and hit a 2 times double chromosphere 9+1 compound ticket, blue ball selected or 12. The current double chromosphere red ball out number is 02, 06, 12, 17, 18, 19, blue ball number is 10, Mr. Wang optional compound in 2 note two prize, single note bonus 141981 yuan. And now the double chromosphere 900 million yuan big prize is in progress, double bets first prize single note up to 15 million. If Mr. Wang was chosen 10 of the blue ball, the first prize double betting bonus 15000000 (including award 5000000) yuan, if two note, that is 30 million, regret that Mr. Wang passed the first prize. 12-2=? 10! Pupils can blurt out, and for the color of the friends of Mr. Wang is 30 million yuan. No wonder Mr. Wang has won the two prize of "two notes and two colored balls", but he is not happy. 拿下双胞胎双色球大奖 却因一号之差高兴不起来-搜狐  2016年10月27日,对于王先生(化名)来说,是人生中一个非常值得纪念的喜庆日子:他获得了个双胞胎。哇!得了个双胞胎,多喜庆呀!为啥还高兴不起来?难道是两个千金?重男轻女!不是!都不是!什么原因?听我慢慢讲来。     10月27日下午,天空下着小雨,恰逢周日,是双色球2016126期开奖日,王先生如往常一样来到单县37172530号福彩投注站购买双色球,他先看了一会双色球往期开奖分布图,然后打了一张2倍的双色球8+1的复式票。   销售员告诉王先生,双色球现在中彩中心和省中心都在搞促销活动,买复式有可能中1500万大奖。王先生想了一下,说:“要不,再来一张。”接着,王先生又打了一张2倍的双色球9+1的复式票,对于选什么蓝号,王先生说:“10月搞活动,就选10吧。别!别!人家给我算的我的吉利数字是12,还选12吧。”销售员说,这次差不多能中个大奖。王先生高兴地说:“谢谢你的吉言,明天要是真中了大奖我给你买盘大鞭炮放祝贺一下!”王先生拿着打好的两张票看了一会思考一番后,又打了一张2倍的双色球9+1的复式票,蓝色球选的还是12。   当期双色球红色球开出号码为02、06、12、17、18、19,蓝色球号码为10,王先生自选复式中得2注二等奖,单注奖金141981元。而目前双色球9亿元大派奖正在进行时,复式投注一等奖单注可达1500万。如果王先生当时蓝色球选10 的话,一等奖复式投注奖金15000000(含派奖5000000)元,如果中得两注,那就是3000万,遗憾王先生与一等大奖擦肩而过。   12-2=?10!小学生就能脱口而出,而对于彩友王先生来说却是3000万的巨奖。难怪王先生中了两注双色球二等奖,却怎么也高兴不起来。相关的主题文章:

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