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Harden 1 data limit in par magician? German commander: take 60+20-   sports Sohu; Beijing on November 4th news, from the "Fansided" reported that the upper limit of the Rockets star James – harden in? Coach Mike de Anthony joked that he thinks harden to play Super data of 60 points and 20 assists…… After the start of new season, turned full-time guard Harden impressive. Against the Cavaliers and the Nicks team, let the beard become since the 86-87 season, "the magician" after Johnson, the first back-to-back scored 30 points and 15 assists players. In Germany, Harden seems to continue to enhance the space. "I’d like to see him play 60 points and 20 assists, and now I just see him play with 40 points and 15 assists," de Anthony said. The good news is that harden has can stand on guard angle to control the game, he understood the hope that his teammates appeared in what position, his work very well." "His efficiency as a coach, sometimes you would think so," Hey, guys, maybe I should find a better solution, rather than let him every time the ball into the basket ‘, "said DAntoni," now, his data is also good." After DAntoni took office, to harden a greater degree of freedom and the right to dominate the ball. The new season opener, although the Rockets lost the Lakers, but harden 17 assists refresh personal occupation career high. The first 5 games of the season, harden averaged 36.8 minutes, 31.8 points and 12.4 assists over 7 rebounds and 1.2 steals. Whether it is averaged assists, or assists, are provisional League first. "I think I did a good job," he said, "and I have a better understanding of my teammates," said Harden. If harden can continue the current competitive state, he definitely has the opportunity to become a powerful competitor to MVP’s regular season in the 16-17 season. (Jim)相关的主题文章:

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