Taiyuan Binhe Road Twin Towers West Ramp Bridge is expected to put into use in 20 days ago-www.q1se.com

Taiyuan Binhe Road Twin Towers West Ramp Bridge is expected to export 20 days before put into use in September 14th, Twin Towers West Binhe Road ramp bridge the last layer of asphalt paving is completed. The construction of the Municipal Corporation responsible person introduction, in the process of bridge expansion joint, the ramp bridge is expected to be put into use before the 20 day. The ramp bridge is located on the riverside road on the north side of the Twin Towers in the west mouth, at the beginning of May officially started. The bridge extends from the east side of riverside road lane, a "U" type over the riverside road, on the west side extended down, and is currently in use in the riverside road of Xuefu Street ramp bridge. The bridge along with auxiliary road more than 800 meters long, width of 9.5 meters, of which the length of the bridge is 238 meters. Ramp bridge construction of riverside road Twin Towers West Street in the mouth, I have an important role to further enhance the expressway function, improve city traffic. The implementation of the project, Riverside Road and West Twin Towers street T intersection, according to the "right side" organization of vehicle import and Binhe road. The Twin Towers in the west area of the vehicle to enter the South Binhe Road Lane, South Binhe Road or from the vehicle to enter the Twin Towers west area, you will need to choose the other way round, to give occupants caused great inconvenience, but also to the surrounding roads bring traffic pressure. The ramp bridge is put into use, from the Twin Towers in the west, the southern Shahe Rapid Road West to the oncoming traffic, can be directly transferred to the Riverside Road South lane. At the same time, Binhe Road vehicles from south to north is more a way.相关的主题文章:

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