Taiwan side said mainland tourists in July decreased by 15% over the previous year, the largest decl quickchm

Taiwan said 15% reduction over the largest decline of mainland tourists to Taiwan to sharp drop in the number of mainland tourists in July compared to the same period, the impact on the tourism industry, the tour guide handheld "island of Taiwan" banner. (source: Taiwan News Network) original title: Taiwan Tourism Department statistics: July mainland tourists greatly reduced 15% for the calendar year the biggest decline according to Taiwan’s "Economic Daily" reported that the number of mainland tourists to be reduced, according to the Taiwan Tourism Department statistics, in July this year, the number of Mainland tourists to visit Taiwan, compared to the same period last year decline of 15%, for the calendar year maximum drop. Officials worry that if the eleven long holidays and then reduce the number of passengers, fear more travel society can not support the collapse of the next year, if the next year and the Spring Festival travel season continued to decline, the collapse of the industry will be more. Officials said that in February this year to remind tourists may reduce the impact of land buyers may wish to transition as soon as possible, or multi source. As for the follow-up there will be more travel agencies or related tourism collapse, officials said, will continue to pay attention, it is difficult to predict. The number of mainland tourists to start shrinking from May this year so far, nearly four months, by gradually expanding. According to the Tourism Department of the latest statistics, in July the number of mainland tourists to visit Taiwan, a decrease of nearly 53 thousand people over the same period last year, the rate of decline in June reached 15%; the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan nearly 11.9% decline over the same period last year, or have a significant impact to the expansion of tourism industry practitioners livelihood. Tourism sector statistics pointed out that in July the mainland tourists showed a recession, and the number of land passenger decline continued to expand. The aviation industry for mainland tourists reduced, has taken the models for small, reduce the class or grounded flights for, but the hotel and tour buses, restaurants, shops, and even the general market vendors are hard to be, are now even complain incessantly, do groups of mainland tourists travel down. Source: China Taiwan network Gao Xu editor: Zhang Chun SN182相关的主题文章:

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