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Taiwan authorities to save the industry to save the flow of tourists to choke: the amount is not enough what flow? Beijing, China Taiwan network August 25th hearing, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the number of passengers affected by the impact of deflation. Taiwan industry appealed to the authorities as soon as possible to come up with matching. Taiwan authorities, transport minister Chen Dan proposed he day before partition, break the current mode shunt concept, encourage market are eight days and nights around the island line. But people in the industry say "basically can not to regard it as right, are not enough, how to split?" Taiwan general counsel for travel Li Qiyue, Lu guest group eight days around the island is slowly accumulated from 2008 after the opening, the common denominator is under the market mechanism. To break the existing market mechanism to have a lot of policy measures, such as travel to Taiwan to lengthen to ten days should be free of collocation certificate fees and preferential policies, or how to change the market consumption habits? Li Qiyue also said that the depth of the division, diversion and so on to set up a good idea, but to extend the number of days should be the first to increase the depth of passenger travel, emphasizing the amount is still not enough, but also talk about what diversion. Professor Huang Zhengcong Tourism Department of Taiwan Providence University, said Cai authorities after he took office the tourism industry is obviously the "period" of politics, although the mainland tourists to visit Taiwan, although not as high shrinking rumors, but also lost 10% five. The burning vehicle after the accident, the group of mainland tourists to Taiwan daily send number almost cut, I am afraid that September is still low, is expected to have the opportunity to rebound in October. Huang Zhengcong believes that the current individual travelers to be sent through a travel agency, had a good chance of being composed of groups, if the development to the online visa, registration in the network to complete the program, and have the opportunity to travel a lot of personal growth. But he also believes that the downturn in the short term the two sides still need to resolve, if you want to go for a long time, must face up to.相关的主题文章:

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