Syria to win the country after the ceasefire 48 hours to celebrate The truth is like this…

Syria to win the country after the ceasefire 48 hours to celebrate? The truth is like this… Syria people will celebrate the goal of Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 7th, a "national football match in Syria, the Syrian parties to celebrate the ceasefire announcement" message on the network crazy pass, but in fact, the territory of Syria, the war did not stop, even the ceasefire has been stopped. Obviously, after the ceasefire to win the country to celebrate the foot of Syria, is the eye of the Bo false news. Orangemen lost to Syria, the Syrian parties to celebrate the ceasefire announcement ", the report said," to celebrate the joy of victory, the Syria government forces and armed opposition decided on a cease-fire ceasefire ceasefire forty-eight hours!!. Don’t say Chinese’s Nothing is right., they make a great contribution to the world peace, let Syria people from misery, this is the essence of the spirit of sports place. The United Nations can not do, should be Chinese men do, this is how the good news. Although we lost the game, but we won the applause of the world." In fact, this is false news Bo eye, in between the lines, are flirting with the patriotism of Chinese people, little attention will be for gospel truth. Because of the latest news about the ceasefire in Syria’s civil war in October 3rd, the United States announced the suspension of talks with Russia on the ceasefire in Syria. The men’s soccer team to win Chinese Syria caused by the celebration of the ceasefire for 48 hours, then no news sources. At present, the situation is still very tense, especially in the northern city of Aleppo. If the military action is still out of control, the East Aleppo region is likely to be completely destroyed by the end of the year. In addition, Russia has suspended bilateral ceasefire agreement negotiations, which makes Syria the situation more one disaster after another. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章:

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