Surf Clothing The Rise Of Winter, Back To School For Kids And Nike

Fashion-Style Winters .ing up faster and faster these days, so make sure you prepare for all your surfing needs because you dont want to hit the surf in just board shorts. Also its back to school for kids! That means new stationery, new bags and new shoes, all the more reason to check out these brand new products on offer. One of our biggest sellers, ONeill, has released a new line of wetsuits, Psycho II, Reactor, Epic II and Hammer. The new Psycho II is on the loose. Thanks to new innovations in UltraFlex XDS neoprene technology the Psycho 2 is warmer, lighter and more flexible than ever. The Reactor Series Utilizes ONeills exclusive FluidFlex in the shoulder and sleeves, a fully adjustable super seal neck, and Krypto Knee Padz, Get a full dose of performance technology at an incredible value. ONeill Epic wetsuits has all their great features including lumbar seamless design, external key pocket and user-friendly unfinished leg openings making the epic wetsuit a fully functioning piece of surf gear. From the Hammer full to the Hammer vest, the series maintains exceptional styling, fit and unrestricted movement in each style with 100% FluidFlex, ONeills exclusive high-stretch neoprene. A new brand we are going to be stocking is Nike 6.0. Were very exited about getting this product, not only are Nike a high profile clothing enterprise but the style and technology behind them is unprecedented. Nike Air was the first air technology developed at Nike, and it changes the way we think about cushioning: encapsulated air to cushion the footstrike in athletic shoes. It remains the standard in impact protection more than 20 years after its debut, durable, versatile and revolutionary. Nixon is one of those brands you know are dedicated to selling top quality products as well as new innovations, which brings me to The Volta, the new watch developed by Nixon. The Volta makes its mark as the first rechargeable, solar powered watch in the brands 11-year history. Inspired by the Defender driving, outdoor adventures the semi-transparent dial allows sunlight though to the solar panel blow which charges the watchs battery. Powerslaves and desk jockeys need not worry, any light source will suffice so your office fluorescence or tanning beds will also be good sources to recharge your watch. Choosing which brand you want to buy from can be a hard choice and especially in todays society hearing about high street chains either exploiting child labour or using unethical/uneconomical methods it can be a headache. Well let Vol. put your mind at rest. Organic garments from the Vol. V.Co-Logical Series represent Vol.s socially responsible attempt to sustain and protect our planets rapidly shrinking natural resources. By utilizing sustainable alternatives like 100% certified organic cotton, hemp, vegetable dyes, organic stains and other low impact production methods, the Vol. V.Co-Logical series incorporates progressive Vol. styling with an environmentally clear conscience. In addition of the surf clothing the Vol. V.Co-Logical series has teamed up with 1% For The Pla. to set up a program where 1% of sales of the series will be donated to environmental causes through their .anization. At the moment we are sorting out our new 2009 winter stock and our 2010 stock, its a very exiting time for us as new stock and new brands are arriving each day so make sure to watch this space! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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