Sugita Tomokazu, the lion of March coach, I want to play chess!

Sugita Tomokazu, the lion of March: coach, I want to play chess! According to Hami Nochibana’s original comic adaptation of the March "lions" recently, Sugita Tomokazu append, Miki Machi Lang, Sakurai Takahiro, Kimura has been determined to join ang etc.. The animation will be launched in October 8th! Sugita Tomokazu in the animation for the Dragon Snow voice, he said young people may make contributions to their own anxiety, always smiled and said: "we can not sit on the chair of the game, but he has for the works of the soft kill is out of a cold sweat. The lion is the beast, human beings can become Xiuluo to fight. The snow is a more gentle than anyone else, with a calm smile. Miki Machiro said he saw the original after the dubbing of the island to open the field to admire him, he is a character who likes to move forward, thanks to the official can let him meet with this work. Sakurai Takahiro teacher Hayashida Takashi dubbing, he praised the character full of human touch, want to be like him in support of actor zero, a contribution to the work. [original] production team: Hami Nochibana (Bai Quan, group, Ma, second part): Supervision of Akiyuki shinbo people: Sugiyama Nobuhiro Cang Jingbo: Art Design Art Supervision: Supervision: Ryama Junki Tamura century Audio Music: Hashimoto Yukari animation made: SHAFT   [Tong mountain] seiyuu lineup: Kasai Kengo Kawamoto Ari Kayano Aii: Zero chuanben, Kawamoto Momo: Hisano Mi: Kana Hanazawa: Okamoto Nobuhiko Kouda Kako. Letters two Haitang: Inoue Marina Takahashi Yusuke: fine valley Jiazheng Island Tian: Miki Machiro: Sugita Tomokazu Matsumoto Chisa: Snow Dragon wood village the Kawamoto Aimini: Chiba Fanxing Tian Jiu near Okawa through: Hayashida Takashi: Sakurai Takahiro March "lions" tells the story of genius player KIRIYAMA in shogi zero through a series of grief after meeting chuanben three sisters, gradually opened the heart of the story. The animation news concern, nisio isin also wrote the novel "the story of linkage". [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章:

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